The analysis of the causes of airtight vacuum pump damage _

by:J&T     2020-05-30

some people may not understand the cause of the vacuum pump can not absorb ultimate vacuum and air tightness. After many years of observation, vacuum pump repair shops found a more serious problem is airtight vacuum pump is damaged, result in a vacuum. Aiming at this problem, we will focus on this aspect in the use of vacuum water pump. So, what is the cause of the vacuum pump repair airtight damage? When the fault occurs, should first check the tightness of vacuum system, see if there is a slight leakage. Secondly, we should open the town gas, the pump should XingYao 30 minutes, to discharge caused by the pollution of oil pump of compressible steam, and eliminate the compressible steam to limit the effects of vacuum.

after eliminate the above two factors, the damage reasons of air tightness of the following vacuum pump maintenance.

1。 oil pollution, need an oil change;

2。 Oil pump in the oil filter clogging, resulting in compression poor oil filling system, fuel supply is insufficient, the pump body sealing is not strong. At this point, the need to clean the internal oil filter;

3。 Oil distributing valve valve deformation, wear or damage, can also lead to insufficient oil supply. In this case, check the oil valve of distributor;

4。 Long time use will cause the rotary-vane vacuum pump wear or the rotor of the spring tension is not enough, resulting in suction chamber and exhaust chamber isolation, resulting in vacuum water pump pressure relief. At this point, a rotary vane and spring should be replaced. Clean the rotor and the pump cavity;

5。 Check whether the exhaust valve is defective, leading to the venting is not good, when it is necessary to replace exhaust valve.

here are some Suggestions of how to maintain the vacuum pump:

1. Vacuum pump shall be installed in a clean environment. It should not be in pieces, dust, water or high temperature area.

2。 Install the vacuum pump, to check if motor is rotated forward, namely the inner rotor motor and pump at the same direction. Usually, the normal operation of the motor markers have motor direction.

3。 Before start the vacuum pump for a long time, should be intermittently start the vacuum pump for many times.

4。 After using a vacuum pump, should be placed a vacuum pump.

5。 When the operation of the vacuum pump, the oil temperature should not be higher than 75 degrees. If the cause of the problem, please immediately contact with vacuum pump manufacturers.

6。 If a potentially dangerous vacuum pump, such as inhaled impurities, dust, humidity, chemicals, etc. , shall be installed at the entrance of the vacuum pump precision filter. If impurities, dirt and water amount is too large, you must install piggy bank. To prevent dust and impurities such as water chemicals into the vacuum pump.

7。 If the vacuum pump needs to be run 24 hours, then you must every six months on the vacuum pump for the maintenance and repair.

8。 During the normal operation of vacuum pump, oil pump in the vacuum pump should be kept below the mimeograph line. It should be used in two-thirds of the oil mirror. Come on, it is strictly prohibited and different levels and types of vacuum pump oil mix.

9。 Should be replaced periodically vacuum pump oil. In general, should be replaced every 3 ~ 6 months at a time. If it is found that the pump oil was emulsified or carbide, should change in time of special vacuum pump oil.

vacuum pump maintenance of vacuum system is the control center of his work, we must take some protection measures. When the system is in a large number of condensing steam, gas ballast should be open and connected to the vacuum pump, gas ballast valve must be fully open. At this point, which can be installed in the gas ballast gas ballast control solenoid valve, in order to improve the automation and remote control of the gas ballast control ability. In use, often find that connect to the vacuum pump and vacuum system of transparent plastic tube wall is yellow or brown. The reason is that vacuum pump return oil or oil vapor condensation. This is just a surface phenomenon, while the relatively deep see oil return. Steam into the analytical instruments, such as mass spectrometer analysis of the field and the ion source, which can lead to analysis the performance of the instrument is reduced, and unable to work, need to clean and maintain. In the event of preventive measures, should be installed between the entrance of the vacuum pump and vacuum system electromagnetic valve. When the vacuum pump is closed, the electromagnetic valve automatically open and through vacuum pump to the atmosphere, in order to reduce negative pressure and prevent oil return.

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