The advantages of relative other screw vacuum pump pump? _

by:J&T     2020-05-19

a new generation of screw vacuum pump with high efficiency and energy saving advantages instead of rotary vane vacuum pumps, water ring vacuum pumps and other to enter the market, many clients see the energy saving considerable profits to ask whether can replace, but the price is relatively high than and hesitation. Screw vacuum pump's price is relatively high, but in the long run or save electricity, basic can recover the cost of one year, the circumstance of higher efficiency or choose the screw is wise. Today let's take a look at the advantages of screw pump.

1。 A ceramic company screw vacuum pump and water ring vacuum pump,

select similar pumping speed of water ring vacuum pump ( Atlas water ring vacuum pump, for example, see page 2) parameters , should choose 5 AWS1600, power consumption to 45 kw,

AWS1600 water ring pump, frozen water use 15 ℃, pumping speed 1600 m3 / h,

use 30 ℃ water, pumping speed 1600 m3 / h * 80% = 1280 m3 / h,

contrast: atlas GHS1300VSD + 22 kw power vacuum water pump with each machine, vacuum demand reduction, automatic frequency conversion speed reduction, the minimum load can be reduced to 5 kw,

1) electricity according to 0. 8 yuan/kWh calculation

2. Vacuum water pump work 6000 hours a year, 20 hours a day, 300 days a year)

5 GHS1300VSD + frequency negative pressure water pump station:

- Running total 22 * 5 = 110 kw power consumption, reduced production load when inverter control flow, more energy efficient.

5 45 kw water ring vacuum pump station:

- The total power consumption = 45 * 5 = 225 kw

with atlas screw vacuum pump in water ring pump power savings

= ( 225 - 110). ×6000×0. 8 = 55. 20000 yuan.

2。 The advantages of atlas screw vacuum pump;

( 1) High efficiency and energy saving. GHS1300VSD +, using atlas GA75 + oil screw air compressor technology and development of a new generation of energy-saving products, 22 kw power vacuum pump pumping speed in the largest all over the world.

( 2) Air compressor head screw pump with 13 kg load, while under the half vacuum light load operation, the theory of life long up to 400000 hours ( Equivalent to 80) Don't need to change the nose, 20 years.

( 3) GHS1300VSD + choose air-cooled vacuum pump, also can save the cooling water system and its running cost.

( 4) Screw pump frequency conversion automatically adjust the vacuum degree and swept volume, vacuum pressure stability, reduce the production of failure.

( 5) Full frequency conversion design, special save electricity under low load, slow running reducing wear prolong life.

( 6) A complete set of computer control system, can focus on spreading the machine automatic start-stop as required.

( 7) Screw is similar to screw air compressor, vacuum pump maintenance workload is few, and the atlas professional training agent maintenance, simple and cheap, reduce the maintenance personnel expenses.

( 8) To reduce the load of power system, save investment cable transformer switchgear.

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