The advantage of vacuum grouting technology in the vacuum pump _

by:J&T     2020-05-27

the traditional grouting method, is easy to cause the duct grouting is close-grained, not collect water may contain harmful ingredients to human body, it is easy to result in corrosion of components, at the same time, in the cold area, water becomes ice, you might split artifacts, cause serious result. Therefore, in order to prevent the force of reinforcing steel bar corrosion and improve the safety and durability of structure, in order to ensure the engineering quality, today to introduce the advantages of vacuum pump in the vacuum grouting technology.

vacuum grouting hole grouting concrete bridge is commonly used in the process of a key link, after using for a long time, the traditional grouting process can lead to corrosion, spalling and other parts, there is a big security hidden danger. Principle of vacuum grouting technology

in slurry export closed, valve and connect to the stated point of entry, and protective cover to seal the anchor, the grouting is connected to the vacuum pump is connected to the end of the end of grouting pressure pump, vacuum pump, the degree about hole - is reached 0. After 1 mpa vacuum suction hole, the pressure pump pressure into the hole in the slurry mixing, finally to 0. 1-4 mpa is used to 2 min positive pressure.

main technical advantages of vacuum grouting technology for

1. In a vacuum, the air in the pore, and mixed with the slurry bubble water is removed, reduced the porosity, water phenomenon.

2。 Grouting hole with good sealing, and can ensure slurry grouting hole.

3。 Process optimization of pulp and eliminating crack fracture, and the whole strength of pl19-3 guaranteed.

4。 The vacuum grouting method is a process of continuous and rapid, shorten the filling time.

vacuum grouting technique is a new kind of post-tensioned prestressed concrete structure, to a great extent, solve the problems left over by the traditional grouting technique, USES the import of vacuum grouting process is an effective measure to increase the safety and durability of prestressed concrete structures.

special import vacuum pumps and vacuum grouting used a lot, but we must pay attention to: (1) a high level of quality control, construction procedures and vacuum filling technology measures; Steel production technology and materials, quality assurance force requirements of the machinery, equipment type selection. (2) need proper grouting material, it is absolutely an important part of vacuum grouting technology. (3) cleaning, remove the two vacuuming pipe joint and remove vacuum water pump; Hose remove the air filter and water slurry, mortar pump clean tool.

by importing the application of the vacuum water pump, and in the vacuum grouting process validation, proved that the vacuum degree of vacuum grouting hole of practicability and maneuverability, control end seal completely, and the grouting process control channel, can improve the reserve fullness and density of pulp in the channel, after the tension to solve the key technical problems, improve the security and durability of the post-tensioned prestressed concrete structure, so as to prolong the service life of bridge, it has a long-term maintenance costs lower economic and social benefits.

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