The advantage of the vacuum system of steam processing equipment _

by:J&T     2020-05-20

in the transformer, capacitor electric products such as vacuum drying process, the need to remove a large amount of water vapor in a certain pressure range and solvent, and at the end of the dry, must achieve the lower pressure. So, how to deal with the vacuum system of steam? Today, let us understand the vacuum system with small make up in the application of the steam treatment equipment.

the advantage of the vacuum system of steam processing plant

1, can deal with a lot of non-condensable gas or volatile gas.

2。 Pumping steam will not condensation in the pump, thus reducing the corrosion of the metal surface.

3, to avoid oil pollution, oil change times is greatly reduced, operation cost is greatly reduced.

4。 Eliminate the performance degradation caused by the oil pollution.

5。 In the wet process can keep low working pressure.

the simplest vacuum system can only be within the scope of containers to implement low vacuum pumping vacuum. When need to vacuum in high vacuum range, usually in series connection high vacuum pump in the vacuum system. When high vacuum pumps in series connection, usually in the high vacuum pump the entry and exit of add a valve, to maintain the vacuum high vacuum pump can be individually. If a series of high vacuum pump is oil diffusion pump, in order to prevent a large number of oil vapor flow back to water pump container, usually at the entrance of the oil diffusion pump add a trap - — Water baffle. According to the requirements, but also can increase the filter in the line of vacuum relay header, vacuum soft connection pipe, vacuum pump inlet air bleed valve, etc. , thus forming a relatively complete high vacuum system.

the vacuum system of steam processing device provided by the beneficial effect is: can collect and absorb the vaporized steam fully, avoid the waste of solvent, is an effective way to implement green chemical production and installation. In addition, the design is reasonable, at the same time, ensure that the evaporation of the solvent recovery can effectively avoid the lye jar, acid tank and solid absorbents triple absorption, so as to effectively prevent the pollution of the atmosphere. Reasonable structure, low production maintenance cost, simple maintenance.

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