Ten characteristics of vacuum pump oil -

by:J&T     2020-05-30

the characteristics of the rotary-vane vacuum pump oil you may all don't know, today we came from ten aspects to explain in detail the characteristics of the vacuum pump oil.

1, sealing

vacuum pump parts of the pump oil demand has appropriate viscosity, this makes the vacuum pump can quick start at low temperatures, at high temperatures has good sealing performance, and has a lower temperature in the pump. It does not contain light volatile components, and reduce the vacuum pump in the operation process of the oil return rate.

2, saturated vapor pressure

saturated vapor pressure is one of the key indicators of oil pump. In a thermostatic airtight container, gas-liquid two phase to achieve the dynamic balance of pressure referred to as the saturated vapor pressure. Oil saturation vapour pressure should be as low as possible. Under the highest working temperature of the pump, saturated vapor pressure should still low enough, and should be lower than normal limit pressure of vacuum pump. At 60 ℃ temperatures, it must be at least 6. 5×10- Palmer (5000 Every 20 ℃ temperature, the saturation vapor pressure to drop an order of magnitude) 。

3, extreme pressure and limit points pressure

total pressure limit: all material in the vacuum pump ( Gas) The total pressure with skin, gage or thermocouple gage measurement. At present, attaches great importance to full pressure test indexes for abroad. Compression pressure limit points: use mercury vacuum gauge, Maxwell) The limit of the measurement of pump air pressure. The partial pressure of two stage rotary vane pump should be 6 x 10 - or less 5000 mpa. Limit the impact pressure and limit the difference in value between the partial pressure must not more than an order of magnitude. The difference between the two, the greater the pump oil contained in the more volatile component, its performance is poor.

4, vacuum pump parts oil pump in the smoothness of

friction on the surface of the friction and wear, outside of the fatigue and corrosion wear are related to the smooth condition. Good performance of the pump oil is good for inhibiting corrosion and wear. Can effectively reduce the adhesive wear and fatigue wear appearance; Fluid lubrication can clean the friction surface, reduce the friction and wear. Reduce the friction resistance in order to save energy, reduce wear and tear to prolong mechanical life.

5, temperature and cooling performance

the temperature of the friction surface is an important function of smoothness. As it moves, a friction surface friction must be limited power, all power transformation is used to limit the friction heat, which will lead to the friction surface temperature. The size of the friction heat is associated with smooth state, high viscosity thermal maximum, minimum low viscosity heat, boundary friction heat somewhere in between. Therefore, proper viscosity oil pump can not only make smooth liquid, reduce friction heat production, also can timely to friction tropical pump body.

6, detergency

friction lieutenant contact inevitably with the surrounding medium, lead to corrosion, rust, and damage. Performance of the pump oil requirements as far as possible clean friction area scale; Anticorrosion, maintain the decomposition of the friction surface is not affected by oil or external corrosion.

7, oxidation stability,

oxidation stability to clarify the aging resistance of lubricating oil, for the industrial production line of the pump oil has the special performance requirements. All smooth oil has a different degree of automatic oxidation tendency, depending on their chemical composition and external conditions. In the air, Or oxygen) And the presence of metal catalysts, oil pump will be under a certain temperature of oxidation time shows the change of formation of the acid value, viscosity and sediment. Oxidation may occur with the application process, so some aldehyde, ketone, acid, such as resin, asphaltene will gradually generated. Oxidation stability is the performance of the inhibitors of the above application for oil formation.

8。 Thermal stability

said oil resistance to high temperature, the lubricating oil synthesis tolerance to heat, or thermal synthesis temperature. Some hard vacuum applications will require a vacuum oil thermal stability. Natural mineral oils has its inevitable defects. Its poor heat resistance than synthetic oil. Its easy metamorphism by thermal oxidation synthesis of extreme pressure stability, pumping speed and decreases along with the application time. Ordinary pure mineral oil D943 oxidation test about hundreds of hours, and synthetic oil D943 can be extended to more than 3000 hours. As you can see, it prolonged the service life.

9, demulsibility

import vacuum pumps running process, due to the presence of air, often can produce bubbles, especially when the oil contains have external active additive, more prone to bubble, the bubble is not easy to disappear. Smooth the oil produced in the process of using foam destroys oil film, not only results in the friction or increase the wear and tear on the surface, can promote the smooth oil oxidation and disintegration. Run the gas in the vacuum system from time to time from the eduction in seal oil pump. Exhaust gas in the reservoir surface produces a large number of air bubbles, from the vent overflow of pump, thereby causing loss to the oil pollution and equipment. Join the pump oil resistant foam effect of antifoaming agent was obviously improved.

10, anti-foam

vacuum water pump in the process of operation, due to the presence of air, often cause bubbles, especially when the oil contained has the appearance of active additives, are more prone to bubbles, and the bubble is not easy to pass. Smooth oil using foam makes the oil film is formed in destroyed, not only increase the sintering friction surface attack or wear and tear, and promote the smooth oil oxidation metamorphosis. Operation of the vacuum system air grasp after sealing oil pump discharge from time to time, exhaust gas grasp appearance to produce large amounts of the oil bubble, and the overflow from the vent of the pump, the formation of oil pollution damage and equipment. oil, prevent anti-foam agent on antifoaming effect have obvious progress.

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