Teach you how to pump and pipeline import and export volume problem how to judge?

by:J&T     2020-06-27
Centrifugal water pump whether import and export of the pipe diameter than the pump itself diameter increase of imports and exports, the question still need specific issues specific analysis, for most of the pump, the increase of import and export pipeline diameter purpose is to reduce the fluid flow in the pipe, in order to reduce the pipeline pressure drop, to finally reduce the power consumption of the pump, but increase the diameter at the expense of the increasing pipeline investment costs, so, for the pump discharge for long distance pipeline can consider appropriately increasing the tube diameter, to reduce the pressure drop, and don't have to consider for short, For the pump materials imported conveyor is liquefied gas, temperature close to the boiling point, low suction position materials such as cavitation, should consider to increase the pump inlet pipe diameter, to reduce the pressure drop, avoid pump cavitation. Generally, the water inlet of the pump is greater than the exports, because suction for low pressure, small density of water flow velocity is slow, in order to meet the requirements of water balance and guarantee the entrance there is a certain pressure head, prevent cavitation, generally; Outlet velocity fast, with large flow pipe diameter, so decided to connect the water inlet than water. Mouth diameter suction resistance small, is advantageous to the pump suction medium, outlet pipe diameter is small, is advantageous to the pump outlet pressure. Usually the general water inlet pipe diameter greater than the exports of the pump diameter, according to different pipe diameter suction flow rate is different also. When diameter less than 250 for 1 ~ 1. 2 m/s, diameter 250 ~ 1 1000. 2 to 1. 6 m/s, from the consideration on the technology, large flow rate should be less than 2. 5 to 3. 0 m/s, small speed shall not be less than zero. 6 m/s ( Prevent deposit) 。
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