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Swimming pool pump design requirements and usage matters

Swimming pool pump design requirements and usage matters


First, the use skills of swimming pool pump.

When the surplus head of the swimming pool pump is too large, it will affect the filtration accuracy and cause human injury. It will also overload and overheat, burn the motor, vaporize cavitation, and damage the pump and pipeline system. For newly designed swimming pools and spas, it is necessary to take all factors into account for the calculation of the head according to the actual situation of the project, which cannot be taken for granted. For an already running system, check the readings of the vacuum gauge before the pump and the pressure gauge after the pump to determine the actual working system pressure head. If there are major problems, do the following:

· Replace the water pump and choose a water pump that is close to the actual working head and flow rate.

· Cutting and reducing the outer diameter of the impeller and reducing the rated head of the pump to make it close to the actual working head of the pump

· Before starting the swimming pool pump, close the valve on the outlet pipe of the pump (the valve is located in front of the sand tank behind the pump), start the motor, and thicken the bracket for swimming pool wholesale. After the pump runs smoothly, gradually open the valve. By controlling the opening size of the water outlet valve, the flow of the water pump is reduced, thereby reducing the load and heat generation of the water pump.

Second, the precautions for the standard use of pool circulation pump.

The selection of pool circulation pumps for swimming pools shall meet the following requirements:

(1) The rated flow of the swimming pool pump should not be less than the calculated circulating water flow of the pool water circulation purification treatment system to ensure the flow required by the pool water circulation cycle;

(2) The swimming pool pump head should not be less than the sum of the geometric height of the water supply, the resistance of the circulating purification system equipment and piping system, and the required outflow head of the pool inlet multiplied by the calculated value of 1.10 of the safety system;

(3) The water pump should be a high-efficiency energy-saving, corrosion-resistant and low-noise frequency conversion speed-regulating water pump for swimming pools;

(4) The pool circulation pump of the pressure filter should not be less than two, and the standby pump should be set up and can run alternately with the working pump;

(5) The backwash pool circulation pump of the quartz sand filter should be designed to work in parallel with the working pump and standby pump of the pool water circulating pump, and the working conditions of the circulating water pump should be adjusted according to the flow rate and head check required for the backwash of a single filter.

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