Super easy way to select the vacuum pump oil _

by:J&T     2020-06-29

in the practical application of vacuum pump, sometimes will encounter all sorts of problems related to the vacuum pump oil, for example:

1. Understand general use imported pump type, I want to know what is the brand name of the original plant oil?

2。 Understand the import pump oil level and want to know the viscosity level.

3。 Understand the import water pump oil viscosity grade, how to choose the domestic oil product, determined to ensure that the performance of the pump and operation reliability, and low cost and reasonable cost.

4。 For vacuum pump factory of users and dealers, and sometimes they need to know the factory specific products and current standard plant oil, viscosity, quality grade, the fuel quantity and recommendations. When ordering pump, we need to place an order spare oil. Number and the number of reference.

vacuum pump oil selection method due to import vacuum pump oil is much higher than the price of domestic oil, if can choose the right can be replaced the homemade oil, use the cost will be greatly reduced.

for domestic water pump, if it is reasonable to select the vacuum pump oil, it will be the final differential pressure of the pump, start, power consumption, total pressure, pump, pump performance stability, good impact demulsification performance and reliability. 。

for vacuum pump manufacturers, selects the high quality vacuum water pump oil can improve the overall performance of the pump, and bring benefits for most users, and produce good social benefits. For users, if you use the effect of plant oil is not very ideal, also can choose according to the specific situation. For example:

1. If the weather is cold, it is hard to start. You can choose low viscosity grade of oil pump.

2。 If the pump working under high temperature of pump for a long time, for example, if you have any heat pump in summer and poorly ventilated environment, was in gas heating or inlet pressure of high viscosity grade can be selected high quality oil. Suitable for high temperature, high load oil pump.

3。 If high temperature of pump and pump pressure is not high, such as double pump pressure maximum 5 pa, or less qualified oil viscosity is 100 or 150, or the same or slightly higher viscosity machine oil, compressor oil, machine oil prices lower.

4。 If short or short oil change period, and can satisfy the performance requirement, can choose the same or slightly higher viscosity viscosity qualified oil and machine oil or compressor oil, in order to reduce the cost of an oil change. The specific choice is determined by the user.

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