Summary - roots vacuum pump unit maintenance

by:J&T     2020-05-22

in the first place, the roots vacuum pump units are widely used in our rotary milking machine. How to maintain them is a very important question. Let's look at the roots vacuum pump unit maintenance and maintenance method.

1。 Roots vacuum pump is very hot, this could be caused by a lack of backing water pump pumping speed, leading to high compression ratio, inlet pressure is too high, cooling, high gear lubricating oil, the rotor and the pump shell contact and gears, bearings and poor lubrication oil seal. Solution: to choose the former stage pump, adjust and control the inlet pressure, cooling, adjust the volume of oil, rest and recovery, in order to ensure proper and good lubricating oil.

2。 Work run unstable, excessive noise, low efficiency and so on, these problems are associated with the maintenance of our own. First of all, the work is not stable is caused by the voltage, such as improper assembly. Excessive noise is caused by stable installation or insufficient lubrication, so please try to lubrication machine.

3。 Pipeline transmission capacity is not enough, sometimes backing water pump of pump speed dropped, overflow valve leakage, leading to insufficient pump speed, etc. Decisive method is to increase the pipeline transmission capacity, repair or replacement before the pump, and clean up the overflow valve.

second, in the process of mechanical maintenance, correct maintenance method and the program is especially important. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to 'look, smell, ask, cut'. In maintenance equipment, also should be according to equipment failure phenomenon, taking 'look, smell, ask, touch, cut', the method of survey equipment failure, step by step to establish the scientific method, fundamentally solve the problem.

1。 If fail, I'll ask the operator, because they are familiar with the performance of the equipment, to understand the phenomenon of fault location, from operators to get hold of before and after the fault, is conducive to judge fault location, according to the working principle of mechanical analysis of the cause of the problem. The content of general inquiry project is: whether failure or accident happened frequently, what are the phenomena ( Such as abnormal noise, vibration, etc. ) 。 ) Whether or not frequent start, stop, overload, maintenance, etc. Before the failure occurs.

2。 Look: check whether there is oil and fuel tank oil; Oil pipe and oil seal for leaks or aging; In the transmission belt for wear or fracture.

3。 Smell: burning smell to distinguish whether the motor coil; The switch of electric cabinet contactor whether to burn out, etc.

4。 Touch: motor shell is hot; Machine parts of screw, pin and key is loose or fall off; Whether the drive bearing flexible or mobile.

5。 Cut: combining the above factors, and the failure of further examination and ultimately determine a practical maintenance plan, so that the real-time operation.

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