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by:J&T     2020-04-10
Sludge screw pump, also known as the thick slurry pump, rotary pump is a single-screw volume, using the double eccentric screw bushing in the single spiral screw rotation, the spiral groove of pureed removing from the suction port to the port of discharge. The function of transport pump is single screw pump. 我- - - - - - 1 b type thick slurry pump structure material type: sludge screw pump: cast iron, driving part for ordinary steel, suitable for general neutral thick slurry transportation. Sludge screw pump, transmission parts ( Spindle, screw and scroll) Adopt stainless steel, suitable for general micro alkaline pulp conveying. Sludge screw pump: drive pump shell and joint paste made from stainless steel, suitable for food, medicine and corrosive slurry transportation. Rubber bushing generally adopt wear-resisting rubber, rubber and oil resistant rubber for the user to choose from. Transmission mode between the motor and pump shaft is driven directly. Motor driven directly by the speed reducer and pump, motor driven by a V type belt pulley and the water pump shaft. Motor is equipped with general closed, explosion-proof and electromagnetic speed regulating motor. 我- - - - - - 1 b type thick slurry pump use sludge pump is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, brewing, papermaking, food etc. 1. It can transport high concentration and high viscosity ( < 10000PaS) And the suspension slurry containing particles. 2. Conveying flow stability, no flow, fluctuation and stirring, shear grout phenomenon. 3. Discharge pressure has nothing to do with speed, low flow can also maintain high discharge pressure. 4. Flow proportional to the velocity of flow can be adjusted by variable speed or high speed motor. 5. Sludge pump has a strong self-priming capacity, liquid flow direction changes with the direction of rotation of the pump. Applicable for pipe need to reverse and forward flush. 6. Smooth operation, little vibration, low noise. 7. Simple structure, easy disassembly and maintenance. A: summary of fluorine plastic self-priming pump next article: summary of corrosion resistant mortar pump
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