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by:J&T     2020-04-12
Fluorine plastic magnetic pump is a kind of use of permanent magnets using modern magnetics principles to realize non-contact indirect transmission chemical process pump. When the motor driven outer rotor ( The outer magnetic steel) Component rotates, the lines of magnetic force drive inside the rotor of the magnetic field ( The magnet steel) Assembly and impeller by magnetic field action line synchronous rotation, medium completely closed in static of sleeve, so as to achieve the purpose of the pumped medium without leakage, completely solve the problem of the leakage of the mechanical drive pump shaft sealing, is a new type of seal, no leakage, no pollution of industrial pump. CQB magnetic water pump is to eliminate in the process of chemical run, drip, leak, eliminate the pollution of the environment, to create 'no leakage workshop' and 'no leak factory' ideal pump, realizing safe civilized production. 2. Working principle: by a pump, magnetic pump magnetic actuator, and motor of three parts. Magnetic actuator is the key part, by the outer magnetic rotor and inner rotor of the magnetic and non magnetic isolation. When the motor driven outer magnetic rotor, the magnetic field can penetrate air gap and non-magnetic material, drive connected to the impeller of the inner magnetic rotor synchronous rotation, realize the power of non-contact transmission, the dynamic seal into static seal. Because of the pump body by pump body and the magnetic rotor and isolation sets of fully closed, completely solve the 'run, blowing, drop, leakage' problem, eliminates the flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful in the refining industry media through the pump leakage hidden trouble, effectively guarantee the physical and mental health and safety of the employees. 3. Product features: CQB fluorine plastic magnetic pump design not only has compact structure, beautiful appearance, small size, instability, and the advantages of reliable operation, and adopt the current king of the world's best corrosion resistant plastic ( Fluorine plastic) , isolation of the use of special materials, high strength and mechanical properties, eliminates the magnetic eddy current of common magnetic water pump. Therefore, CQB fluorine plastic magnetic pump can transport any concentration ( Strong) The corrosive medium, such as acid, alkali, oxidant is not damaged. Four. shaft seal: CQB fluorine plastic magnetic water pump's biggest advantage is driven by the internal and external magnetic indirectly, completely cancelled the traditional centrifugal pump shaft seal, the stainless steel casing and fluorine plastic between the internal and external magnetic isolation sets of complete separation, zero leakage, inflammable, explosive, volatile, valuable transportation safer at night, avoid using the maintenance work in the process of the real. Five. Route of use: this product is widely used in chemical, acid, alkaline, smelting, rare earth, pesticides, dyes, medicine, papermaking, electroplating, electrolysis, pickling, radio, foil, scientific research institutions, defense industry and other industries, conveying any concentration of acid, alkali, oil, rare liquid, poisonous liquid, volatile chemical medium. Especially the spread of leakage, inflammable, explosive liquid. The previous: magnetic vortex pump overview next article: stainless steel explosion-proof vortex pump W
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