Submersible pump when using several matters needing attention

by:J&T     2020-06-24
Submersible pump in the water of life, rural irrigation, borehole pumping often see, just as its name implies is to pump in the water pump, pump overall soaking in the water, add a basic using submersible pump motor, connected to cable, several matters need attention when using a submersible pump, what are the taboos. Anhui gold production of self-priming pump well avoid the dangers of these taboos. 1, avoid is not install leakage protector in the water pump work, easy to leakage power loss or even cause accident getting an electric shock. If equipped with leakage protector, as long as the submersible pump leakage value than leakage protector action current value ( It is generally not more than 30 mA) Leakage protector will cut the power of the submersible pump. 2, avoid frequent switch should not be too frequent startup submersible pump, this is because the submersible pump stalling generates a return, if an immediate start up, can make the motor load startup, led to the start current is too large. After downtime, therefore, have to wait to restart the backflow of water in the tube, generally need to about 5 min interval. 3, avoid is not grounding submersible pump adopt protection is a national mandatory standard requirements. Only take protective earthing, to ensure the personal safety of use. If there is no protective earthing, once the shell leakage, creates submersible pump outlet water and pumping water charged, endanger human and animal safety, waste a lot of energy at the same time. If the submersible pump metal shell and is in line with national standards of grounding body ( Grounding resistance is not greater than 4 & Omega; ) Grounding connection, when the submersible water pump shell leakage through the metal shell, pump protection grounding line, body, the work of the earth, transformer ground wire and power supply form a closed loop, when leakage through the large, especially when wire touch the shell, you can make the protection of the submersible pump device ( Fuse fuse or breaker tripping) , to cut off the leakage of the submersible pump power. 4, avoid abnormal voltage on the voltage too high and too low will make submersible pump temperature rise too high, shorten service life even burned submersible pump. Rural because low voltage power lines is long, end of the line voltage is too low, between high voltage is often the case. Therefore, in the process of the use of submersible pump, the operator must observe the power supply voltage, if lower than the rated voltage is less than 10%, more than 10% higher than the rated voltage, or current is greater than 20% of the rated current pump, should immediately stop, and to avoid abnormal voltage boot. 5, avoid is disabled in water for a long time after the discontinuous use after regardless if the well pump, after a long time will rust, lead to can't start. So, stop using the submersible pump in water of avoid by all means no matter don't ask, should boot up once a week, run 5 ~ 10 min. Need not when, for a long time not in water for a long time, the power should be kept in clean water for a few minutes, wash mud pump inside and outside, and then puts forward the surface dry, a big check, disassemble all parts for maintenance, scrubbing, cleaning detergent, change of wearing parts, assembled again, after painting antirust is put in the dry, non-corrosive gases warehouse. 6, avoid motor reverse direction now there are many types of forward and inversion are available out of the water pump, but the reverse when the water yield and large current, reverse after a long time will damage motor windings. Therefore, submersible electric pump should be taken before the water to connect power check the direction of rotation is correct. If the three phase reversal submersible pump impeller, should immediately stop, changing any two phase in the three-phase conductor in the cable connection. 7, avoid overworking for a long time to avoid submersible electric pump overload for a long time, don't put the low lift pump for high head work, don't smoke concentration ( Heavy mud) The water, and observe whether the current value within the prescribed scope. If discover the current is too large, should stop check. In addition, the submersible pump with water as cooling source, therefore, submersible pump dehydration running time shoulds not be too long. 8, avoid the use of submersible pump in the silt environment when use if sink into the mud, can lead to bad heat dissipation and burn out motor winding. Therefore, submersible pump must not be used in mud environment. To prevent sink into the mud pump, within the working environment shall be removed before the submersible sewage sludge, conditional should also adopt barrier shield cover the submersible pump, in order to avoid waste block water barrier, fever, water not lead to motor.
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