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Submersible Pump From J&T INDUSTRY

Submersible Pump From J&T INDUSTRY


Established in 1999, J&T Industry Co., Ltd. is the leading specialists in the manufacture of water pumps. Through ongoing research and development our customers can be assured that our company will deliver goods of the highest quality using state of the art technology. In this article, J&T Industry will tell you something about the submersible pump.


Submersible Pump Meaning


A submersible pump is a device which has a hermetically sealed motor close-coupled to the pump body. The whole assembly is submerged in the fluid to be pumped. (Index from Wikipedia)


How Submersible Pump Working


The purpose of the water pump is to transport water from one place to another, or to increase the pressure to convert the original mechanical energy into liquid energy.


The working principle of the submersible pump: After the submersible water pump is turned on, the impeller rotates at a high speed in the pump body (the pump body must be filled with liquid before the pump is turned on). The liquid in the pump body rotates together with the impeller, and the liquid is moved by the impeller at the outlet under the action of centrifugal force. After being thrown out, the speed of the thrown out liquid in the diffusion chamber of the pump body gradually slows down. After the liquid is thrown out, a vacuum low pressure zone is formed at the center of the impeller. The liquid in the liquid pool flows into the pump through the suction pipe under the action of the external atmospheric pressure. The volume of the diffusion chamber of the pump body is constant. As the liquid to be thrown out increases, the pressure gradually increases, and it is finally discharged from the outlet of the pump. In this way, the liquid is continuously sucked up from the liquid pool and then continuously discharged from the pump outlet.


Submersible Pump Installation


The installation process of submersible water pump is a very rigorous process. Every step requires strict operation to ensure normal operation during use.


1. During the loading and unloading process of the submersible pump, be careful not to damage the concentricity of the unit, and to avoid damaging the cable insulation.


2. Before installation, place the submersible water pump vertically, and open both the vent hole and the water injection hole. It should be noted that both water shutoff ports must be opened and filled with water. Tighten the two to observe whether there is water leakage.


3. Remove the upper shell of the submersible pump to expose the impeller, and turn it by hand to observe whether it is flexible; pull the impeller in the direction of the bearing and observe the total displacement; combine the motor with the coupling, and the motor shaft head The shaft head of the submersible pump should be closely connected, and there should be no gap; observe the upper and lower clearance of the impeller, it should be in the middle of the total displacement, the allowable deviation range is ±0.5 mm, if the deviation is too large, you need to adjust the pad Position of the piece; then drill and connect the top wire hole, and tighten the top wire to install the upper shell; finally, you need to use a pry bar to move the coupling to make it run for a week, and it should be rotated flexibly to be considered as qualified, and filter Installation with the wire protection groove box.


4. If the cable needs to be tied to the lifting pipe with insulating ties, metal wire must not be used.


The installation process of the submersible water pump is interlocking, and each ring plays a decisive role, and each ring needs to be carried out in strict accordance with the standards, and must not be careless. It is not only the safety of the machine, but also the safety of the operators.


Types of Submersible Pump


As for J&T INDUSTRY, we provide garden submersible pump, industrial submersible pump( included water cleaning pump and submersible sewage pump), Multi-function Submersible Pump for pond, Aquarium Submersible Pump. Among them, the garden submersible pump is suitable for home use.




If you wanna learn more about the submersible pump price list by J&T INDUSTRY submersible pump manufacturers, welcome to leave messages online and we will contact you at once. Click here to leave a message.


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