Submersible pump connection method and waterproof processing specification

by:J&T     2020-06-27
Submersible pump is pumping in water pump, usually using downhole pumping water, irrigation, is one of the commonly used household water pump, for submersible water pump is put in the liquid, waterproof measures and wiring method is important to note that, in the home, farmers use, use of personnel are not professional technical knowledge, basic connecting cable according to common sense, so it is easy to cause the leakage and cause accidents, detailing how to correct wiring methods below step: 1, the cable outer sheath length dial out as required, exposing bare wire, and then use the blade will bare wire net, the purpose is to reduce the contact resistance. 2, good will deal with two groups of line to ground. 3, with solder weld joint, and the junction to wipe clean. 4, with transparent tape to wrap joint. 5, with high viscosity are sheathed with half a mobius winding state within the firm and stretch bandage to outside the door. 6, use sticky tape to bind up the high adhesive tape part continue to half fold wrap around the state, the round a bandage and extend to the outer sheath, bind up tight. 7, with transparent adhesive tape from beginning to end for a whole dress, each one more than a few steps back and forth and carefully bandaged, cable connector is connect to complete, and ensure good seal, the materials used to ensure the high quality, can better ensure the tightness.
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