Submersible pump common failure analysis and elimination methods

by:J&T     2020-06-28
1, the pump can't start, failure analysis: open the power supply voltage is too low; Power outage; Impeller jammed; Cable fault; Pumps are sea creature or the sea clutter winding; On both ends of the cable connection is loose; The stator winding burn. Solution: adjust the voltage on rated voltage & plusmn; Between 10%. Find the power outage causes; Open pump to remove card round sundry; Check whether the sea creatures device is started and effective, if necessary, put underwater robots to detect whether there is foreign body coil; Check, pay equal attention to new town but attachment; , send the repair unit replacement winding or manufacturer. 2, water pump, less failure analysis: the head is too high; inlet block; Wheel steering error; The impeller wear; Mouth ring wear, leak; body leak. Solution: adjust the valve. If still cannot solve, to check the outlet pressure of the pump meets the design requirements and, when necessary, change the pump; Import filter cleaning, dredge pipe imports; Adjust the phase sequence of the motor; Replace the new impeller; Check the maintenance, make the mouth ring is set up to standards tighten pump body connection bolts, if still cannot reach the standard, only returned to the factory to replace the pump body. 3, motor stator winding burned, fault analysis, or the power cord grounding fault line phase; Machinery seal leakage, the motor turns or interphase short circuit; dehydration running time is too long; Over load operation of electric pump; The cable broken into the water; Electric pump stop frequently. Solution: return to factory or send maintenance unit, check out fault, reinstall the winding, again use. 4, low insulation resistance ( ≤ 2 mΩ ) Failure analysis: the shaft seal ( Mechanical seal) Damage leakage; Cable insulation damage; Cable line head fell into the water; Submersible motor ooze water. Solution: after drying, replace the shaft seal, and the pressure test after use; Replace the cable; Out of moisture in the cable; Check the motor ooze water, take the necessary measures permeability. The stator drying, to tide before using.
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