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by:J&T     2020-04-16
Stirring dosing bucket with self-priming pump set described in the mixed powder including drug store tube, drug store tube side is equipped with the outlet pipe, a tube connected to the self-priming pump, self-priming water pump including the pump shell, the pump shell side is equipped with imported nozzle, one end connected to the liquid outlet nozzle, pump shell is equipped with the impeller, the impeller through the impeller shaft connection power output shaft of the drive motor, the driving gear is installed on the power output shaft of the drive motor, the driving gear and driven gear meshing, passive gear shaft was stabbed into drug storage barrel, and connected to the vertical arrangement of bevel gears, vertical arrangement of bevel gear and vertical arrangement of bevel gear meshing, the vertical arrangement of bevel gear connected to mixing blade. Beneficial effects: 1. Just a set of device drivers can drive pump and mixing blade at the same time, such as long as the pump start dosing, mixing blades will constantly stirring, avoids the flocculant sedimentation. And energy saving, convenient control, start the pump at the same time, natural mixing blades and start. 2. Imports of the inlet nozzle is equipped with a one-way valve, in order to avoid the injection of the liquid. 3. Medicine barrels of passive gear shaft is equipped with labyrinth seal between the cylinder wall, sealed tight, avoid liquid leakage. The last: stainless steel self-priming pump is introduced in the next article: summary of fluorine plastic self-priming pump
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