Steel lining fluoride plastic pump performance and selection based on the introduction

by:J&T     2020-06-26
Outside the steel lining fluoride plastic pump adopts cast steel lining fluoride pump, according to the structural form can generally be divided into: centrifugal pump, the rubber fluorine lining fluorine, fluorine-butterfly self-priming pump, magnetic pump lining fluoride pipeline pump, fluorine-butterfly self-priming magnetic pump, fluorine-butterfly self-priming centrifugal pump, fluorine-butterfly pipeline magnetic pump, fluorine-butterfly pipeline centrifugal pump. Fluorine-butterfly pump water pump body adopts advanced production technology with fluorine plastic (of metal shell tight line F46) Manufacturing, the load bearing part of a pump for metallic materials with high mechanical strength, strong pressure resistance, superior mechanical impact resistance, etc; Main flow components impeller, pump cover, adopt metal insert outsourcing fluorine plastic disposable moulded high temperature and be become. The pump has a strong corrosion resistance, and have enough mechanical strength. body, impeller, pump cover through the hot melt technology mold heat moulding compound and into. Key parts processing using intelligent CNC equipment and specialized equipment and tooling to ensure its accuracy. Within an WB2 bellows type and two kinds of structure double mechanical seal. A mechanical seal outside compact structure, stable performance, intuitive, and depending on the friction pair material has better corrosion resistance and grain type to choose from, built-in double mechanical seal wear-resisting, heat-resistant, resistant to particle crystallization performance excellence. Be widely used in the acid alkali production, fine chemical industry, metallurgy, electroplating, rare earth, separation, chlorine water in ionic membrane caustic soda item, wastewater treatment and adding acid, such as process flow, and can run at a higher temperature and reliable. A, pump selection basis, should be in accordance with the requirements of process flow and water supply and drainage, from the following five aspects into consideration, namely medium conveying capacity, unit head, dielectric properties, piping layout and operating conditions. 1, the characteristic of medium: including name, physical properties, chemical properties and other properties. Physical properties with temperature T, d density, viscosity, evaporation pressure, solid particle diameter and gas content in the medium, etc. , this is related to the system of the head, effective cavitation allowance computation and suitable pump type; Chemical properties, mainly refers to the chemical corrosion resistance and toxicity of liquid medium, is the pump selection of material and important basis in the form of shaft seal. 2, flow, is one of the important performance data of selected pump, it is directly related to the entire plant production capacity and transmission capacity. Design institute of technology design, small can calculate the pumps, three kinds of traffic. We when choosing a pump, based on large flow, in the absence of large flow, usually desirable to normal flow rate of 1. 1 times as heavy traffic. 3, head: required lift device system is another important performance data of pump, general amplification 5% allowance after head is to be used for selection, but not too much, too much head margin runtime easily lead to pump cavitation. To distinguish between outlet pressure and the relationship between the lift at the same time. 4, operating conditions, operating conditions of a lot of content, such as liquid vaporization pressure and suction side pressure ( Absolute) Lateral container pressure, discharge, altitude, temperature, clearance or continuous operation, the position of the pump is fixed or portable. 5, unit: refers to the system piping layout conditions conveying liquid height, distance, number of elbow, and to send liquid to the suction side low liquid level, such as high level of discharge side length, some data and piping specifications and materials, such as pipe specification, quantity, so that system head calculation and the checking of the corrosion allowance. 2, installation and points for attention: 1, according to the size of foundation for concrete foundation, at the same time to the embedded anchor bolts. In before the installation, should check the pump and motor, the parts should be in good condition, the pump should be no clutter. Will be set on the basis, put pairs wedge cushion between the base plate and foundation, through high-speed cushion, looking for is the level of the pump. 2, the pump suction, spit out line should support, cannot use pump to support line. The import and export pipeline diameter should be import and export of diameter and pump unifies. Fluorine-butterfly self-priming pump FZB series self-priming pump when installation should be imported tube, filled with liquid outlet pipe again, after correction. inlet piping must be compatible with the pump, and the total length of not more than 5 meters. 3 turn the coupling with the hand, after the installation, check for the scratch. 4, magnetic pump, it is forbidden to extract medium containing makings. To prevent debris into the pump, the inlet should be equipped with filter, filter area should be greater than 3 - pipeline cross-sectional area 4 times. 5, high lift pump in the outlet pipe should also install the check valve on the road, in case of sudden stop water hammer damage. Must ensure that the installation height of pump in line with the pump NPSH, taking into account the line loss and the medium temperature. Medium at high temperature to machine cooling measures, in case the machine seal deformation, static ring crack. Three, up and running: 1, before driving pump should be filled in to transport liquid ( Such as is on the suction pump) Good, close the exit gate valve, power supply. Put through power supply, check the pump to is correct. 2, to ban idling, unit test run 3 - 6 minutes, if there is no abnormal phenomena can be put into operation. 3, downtime, should first will export the gate closed, then cut off power supply. Four, repair and maintenance: 1, regularly check the pump and motor, change the quick-wear part. 2, stop for a long time need not when, should be clean inside the pump flow and cut off power supply. 3, it is forbidden to idle running.
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