Steel anticorrosive processing vacuum - compared with hot dip galvanized zinc impregnation advantages

by:J&T     2020-05-23

vacuum zinc impregnation technology is a new process for steel anticorrosive processing, it represents the steel anti-corrosion treatment technology development new trend.

traditional plating process is: ( Clean the surface) Acid to zinc impregnation, the passivation - drying - finished products. In pickling and passivation process, the wastewater, acid pickling and passivation this wastewater treatment is required. At the same time, with the use of chromium passivation, passivation waste water and the surface of the finished more or less residue on the human body. And harmful to the environment of the chromium ion.

vacuum zinc impregnation is a kind of clean and environmental protection of new steel anti-corrosion technology, is in a state of chemical heat treatment under ferrite. It with zinc powder as raw material, on the airtight container, heating of the steel under vacuum conditions in contact with zinc powder, and zinc atom evenly spread and permeate into the surface of steel workpiece, thus forming the surface layer of steel workpiece base. Compact and uniform intermetallic compound - — Zinc alloy layer ( Called the zinc layer) 。

compared with hot dipping zinc impregnation, vacuum seepage zinc has the following advantages:

1, vacuum zinc impregnation is under vacuum conditions in zinc alloy layer formation, make zinc atoms permeate to the surface of the steel parts, so as to reduce or avoid oxidation, and improving the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of zinc impregnation parts. This technique is best suited for processing complicated shape parts, whether it be a screw, steel wall or groove, etc, zinc impregnation after both zinc layer surface is smooth, uniform thickness and not wrinkle, and not easy to peel.

2, vacuum infiltration of zinc layer thickness can be controlled in 20 - 120 micron range, it solves the problem of poor tolerance of hot dipping zinc impregnation fasteners.

3, vacuum zinc impregnation in airtight containers, thus completely eliminate the zinc vapor of atmospheric pollution, thus completely eliminate the zinc vapor poisoning and hot-dip zinc impregnation and workers 'shooting' burning hot liquid zinc. History.

4, in air pollution or soak in salt water for a long time, The sea) In the environment, especially vacuum corrosion resistance of zinc impregnation components, won't appear abnormal phenomenon such as flaking and rusty spot.

5, vacuum zinc impregnation process has remarkable energy saving effect, because the zinc impregnation operation was conducted in insulation airtight container, so the thermal efficiency is very high, and it can meet the requirements of energy saving.

the place on put together is narrated, the vacuum zinc impregnation technology processing of steel, has the very high corrosion resistance and wear resistance, the production process do not pollute the environment, high thermal efficiency, comply with the requirement of energy conservation. Therefore, the technology is advanced and scientific. To promote the technology will surely create a good economic and social benefits.

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