Steam jet vacuum pump found - low efficiency reasons

by:J&T     2020-05-20

steam jet vacuum pump is a kind of simple structure, stable performance and reliable vacuum acquisition equipment. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, oil, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, light industry, textile, food, sugar, salt, and other industries of evaporation, distillation, vacuum distillation, distillation, drying, crystallization, concentration, deodorization, bleaching, dehydration, filtering, vacuum conveying, chemical absorption, deaeration, degassing, refrigeration and other process.

what is the main factor affecting the vacuum pump capacity?

working steam and dry degree

low steam pressure and pressure fluctuation has a great influence on the capacity of the vacuum pump, so the steam pressure should not be below the required pressure. However, the structure design of vacuum pump used has been completed. The excessive increase of steam pressure does not increase the swept volume and vacuum degree. In addition, in order to guarantee the stability of the pressure of steam in the boiler, it is best to use the boiler for steam injection pump with work, so that steam pressure not fluctuations, vacuum water pump performance is stable.

steam dry degree also has a great influence on the performance of the vacuum pump. Water content can lead to vacuum fluctuations. Excessive moisture can make the vacuum can't even. Typically installed in front of the drum steam separator, work to achieve a higher degree of dry steam, at the same time effectively isolate the steam pipe. In order to get the best working efficiency for steam jet vacuum pump to provide work should be 5 ℃ ~ 10 ℃ superheated steam. In particular, five pump requires a high degree of the quality of steam. Any small amount of water could lead to a nozzle is icy, results in the decrease of the fifth of the ejector vacuum or invalid.

circulating cooling water

if the cooling water is in short supply, the condenser will be hot, the air becomes larger, vacuum quickly down, even the steam will return to the suction pipe. For the condenser tube between cold, should guarantee the supply pressure of 0, 2, 2 mpa, water supply should be slightly bigger than the actual water consumption, the fluctuation of water supply will be relatively stable. In addition, to avoid vacuum fluctuations in the water supply is not stable, the central vacuum pump think it is best to use a separate condenser water circulating water system to the vacuum water pump. If the cooling water temperature is too high, the capacity of the vacuum pump will reduce, sometimes even can't afford the vacuum, generally no more than 32 ℃. In addition, the higher the temperature of cooling water, the more steam consumption. The influence of cooling water quality on vacuum pump capacity is also a factor can not be ignored. If the water quality is poor, high hardness, can cause condenser fouling blockage, even seriously affect the heat transfer performance of the steam to condense, thus affecting vacuum degree. Therefore, we should ensure that the circulating cooling water is pure demineralized water.

vacuum pump system of the sealing requirements

when the vacuum pump in the ultimate state, with little or no water from the first level. As a result, a large number of water pump discharge from the first level, this can be considered to be the system leakage. A common cause of leakage has: gasket not installed, installation, not tighten bolt, incorrect or damage to the flange surface damage, weld is trachoma, joint ( Pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, etc. ) 。 ) Not installed. The most common type of leak detection method is the compressed air into the system as a whole, and in any place to use soap and water. If there is a leak, the leak will have bubbles, sometimes even can hear the sound of the leak. Check to see if there is air leakage is the final request, vacuum system, Including pump body and atmospheric leg) Should be done air-tightness test, compressed air is 0, 2, 2 mpa pressure drop to no more than 4 24 hours a day. 8%. Nozzle

nozzle is an important part of a property of vacuum pump and its existing problems are: the nozzle improperly installed, dislocation, jams, damage, corrosion and leakage. No matter what precautions, nozzle clogging is inevitable. On the one hand, the installation steam pipeline, pipeline residual iron and slag can clog the nozzle; On the other hand, when to stop using a vacuum water pump system, steam pipe is easy to rust, rusty spot falls off and plug nozzle. In general, 1 and 2 nozzle aperture is large, difficult to jam. Third, fourth and fifth stage of the nozzle is the most easy to jam. Through the nozzle blockage can touch the pump head and the temperature of the condenser to confirm.

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