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by:J&T     2020-03-29
Stainless steel submerged water pump structure for single vane or double vane impeller structure, which can effectively through the water pump five times the diameter of fiber diameter material and diameter of 50% of the solid particles. It is suitable for what kind of occasion? YWP stainless steel hydraulic pump 1. Drainage system of city sewage treatment plant. 2. Factories and enterprises seriously polluted waste water discharge. 3. Effluent from hospitals and hotels. 4. Residential sewage station. 5. Civil air defense system drainage station. 6. Municipal engineering and construction site. 7. Exploration and mining auxiliary machinery. 8. Rural biogas digester farmland irrigation. 9. Water facilities of water supply device. The previous: explosion-proof vortex pump next article: aluminum submerged pump sewage pump detailed parsing
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