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by:J&T     2020-04-28
YWP stainless steel submerged pump is a vertical submerged structure. When the pump body into the water, the depth of the pump can reach 0. 5 x 5 m, distinctive single vane or double vane impeller structure, can effectively through the pump five times the diameter of fiber diameter material and diameter of 50% of the solid particles. The products are in conformity with JB/T 6525 - 92 'the centrifugal sewage pump technical conditions' standard. YWP stainless steel submerged pump product features: no plug stainless steel submerged pump adopt unique single vane or double vane impeller structure, greatly improving the capacity of dirt, and can effectively through the five times the 5 times of pump diameter solid particles and diameter of about 50%. Sewage pump mechanical seal using a new type of tungsten carbide hard corrosion resistant material. At the same time, will improve as the double end face seal, the sealing in the tank of the medium to long run, for safety, continuous operation of pump. YWP stainless steel submerged pump sewage pump under the working conditions of liquid medium temperature does not exceed 70 ℃, moderate severity 1 ~ 1. 3K /立方分米。 B。 The PH of the cast iron materials within 5 of 9 or less. 1 cr18ni9ti stainless steel pump can adopt a variety of corrosive medium. Note: if users have special requirements, such as temperature, medium, when ordering, please indicate the details of the medium, to make our equipment can provide more reliable products. Stainless steel submerged pump is suitable for installation on the pool or tank support, motor placed in places can only be fixed or mobile. The pump, the basic length is 1. 5 meters or less applicable to enterprises conveying sewage, wastewater, printing and dyeing, paper making, chemical industry, also can be used for pumping. YWP stainless steel submerged water pump operating rules: 1. Stainless steel vertical submerged pump must be installed on the tank cover plate, should not be tilted. 2. Use the manual time submerged pump check whether vice hydraulic pump is stuck, and eddy current direction of the motor is in line with the pump steering direction as needed. 3. Stainless steel submerged pump should be immersed in a liquid, not idling. 4. Stainless steel submerged pump's export piping must be equipped with independent support, the weight may not directly fall on the pump body. A: stainless steel explosion-proof vortex pump W next article: plastic submerged pump overview
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