Stainless steel self-priming pump is introduced J&T company

by:J&T     2020-04-26
Corrosion resistant stainless steel self-priming pump product introduction: the stainless steel self-priming water pump is common in the improvement and innovation ZW clean water self-priming pump, on the basis of structure design, according to user's actual needs to develop a kind of excellent corrosion resistance of the pump. The self-priming pump can not only from the general cleaning pump pumping, do not need to install the bottom valve, can also be objects pumping large particles. 1 the diameter of the fiber length for the impeller. 5 times, still can smoothly gettering. High performance, low failure rate, by the trust of users. Self-priming generally for 5 m. ZXP corrosion resistant stainless steel self-priming pump product introduction: ZXP corrosion self-priming pump is according to the relevant technical data at home and abroad to develop a kind of after absorption, digestion, improve the energy-saving water pump. ZXP stainless steel self-priming pump is a kind of self-priming centrifugal pump, has a compact structure, convenient operation, stable running, convenient maintenance, high efficiency, long life, since the strong suction, etc. At the bottom of the pipe does not need to install the valve, just to make sure that the pump body before work stored in the quantitative liquid supply. Therefore, simplifies the pipeline system, improved working conditions. A: heat pump maintenance way to open the next article: no self-priming water pump seal
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