Stainless steel pump stainless steel and copper alloy material acid corrosion resistance is introduced

by:J&T     2020-06-23
Stainless steel pump into the stainless steel centrifugal water pump, stainless steel magnetic pump, self-priming pump, stainless steel stainless steel pipeline water pump, generally stainless steel centrifugal pump, the flow components adopt stainless steel material, the impeller with copper alloy material, the user selects the stainless steel pump, many is conveying liquid containing acid containing corrosion, so the corrosion resistance of stainless steel and copper alloy acid? And what are the characteristics? A, impeller sulfuric acid corrosion resistance properties of copper alloy, copper and copper alloy in reducing dilute sulphuric acid is very stable, because they have a much higher hydrogen electrode potential, easy to fold hydrogen corrosion in the dilute sulphuric acid reaction, this makes the copper and copper alloys in dilute sulphuric acid has a much better than other engineering alloy corrosion resistance. But copper and copper alloy is sensitive to oxidizing impurities, when oxygen is contained in dilute sulphuric acid, nitric acid, chromic acid, chlorine, hypochlorite, cuprous chloride, ferric chloride, iron sulfide and ammonia and ammonia salt will accelerate the corrosion of copper and copper alloy. In sulfuric acid with oxidation of copper and copper alloy corrosion resistant. In exposure to dilute sulfuric acid equipment, copper and copper alloy serious corrosion will happen in the water. Concentration of tin bronze under 60%, below 80 ℃ temperature of sulfuric acid can be used. Silicon bronze ( Everdur) Have a little good than tin bronze corrosion resistance. Aluminum bronze in dilute sulphuric acid use effect is good, not only because it is wear resistant, and its oxidizing condition was not as sensitive as described earlier copper alloy. In 40% sulfuric acid, even to the boiling point, aluminum bronze has good corrosion resistance. Nickel cupronickel in dilute sulfuric acid corrosion resistant performance is good, especially in the boiling medium concentration of sulfuric acid corrosion excellent performance. As long as the medium doesn't contain oxidizing impurities, can be used under 55% sulfuric acid. Appropriate Cu88Ni9Si2 alloy casting water pump, valve, etc. , used in good performance of less than 50% of the high temperature dilute sulphuric acid. Economic cooperation into alcohol production 110 and 10 ℃, 40 & plusmn; 10% sulfuric acid used in the six years of life than any other engineering including nickel molybdenum alloy, alloy. 2 the sulfuric acid corrosion resistance of stainless steel, stainless steel pump features: ordinary stainless steel usually is not used for contact with sulfuric acid equipment, 18 12 mo stainless steel is used in room temperature occasionally contains very dilute sulfuric acid medium, or dilute sulphuric acid solution containing oxidation ingredients. Because the stainless steel in sulfuric acid corrosion resistance is not stable, to obtain reliable data and made corrosion figure is relatively difficult. In concentrated sulfuric acid at room temperature, the stainless steel has a goodish corrosion resistance, but in most cases, would rather use carbon steel stainless steel. Unless required to prevent iron pollution medium, or around 101% sulfuric acid medium carbon steel cannot use, can choose stainless steel. Chromium stainless steel, chromium nickel stainless steel and nickel chromium molybdenum stainless steel, in room temperature concentrated sulfuric acid has good corrosion resistance, with the increase of temperature corrosion rates also increased significantly. In more than 60 ℃ concentrated sulfuric acid, short service life, should not be used. Stainless steel containing copper, molybdenum, such as OCr18Ni18Mo2Cu2Ti and 1 cr17mn9ni3mo3cu2n steel, mainly used in the dilute sulphuric acid. This type of steel in temperature below 40 ℃, the concentration less than 70% of sulfuric acid can be used. In the concentration less than 5% of sulfuric acid, also can use temperature as high as 80 ℃. The steel is suitable for casting or forging production of pump, valve etc. 1 cr18ni11si4a1ti stainless steel containing silicon, in concentrated sulfuric acid is better than ordinary stainless steel corrosion resistance, even at high temperatures has good corrosion resistance. Table 3 shows that around 97% of sulfuric acid in 1 cr18ni11si4a1ti steel has better than other stainless steel corrosion resistance. Because this is in 60 ~ 100 ℃ concentrated sulfuric acid used in the equipment, can use 1 cr18ni11si4a1ti without having to use expensive nickel molybdenum alloy. Synthetic alcohol equipment with pump, valve is so effective.
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