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by:J&T     2020-04-28
Stainless steel magnetic pump is a kind of use of the working principle of permanent magnet coupling achieve non-contact torque transfer of new type of pump. Prime motor drives the outer magnetic steel rotor, through the role of magnetic driving magnetic steel rotor synchronous rotation, within the internal magnetic steel rotor and impeller together, so as to achieve the aim of no contact to drive the impeller rotation. Because of the liquid in the static isolation set inside a closed, magnetic pump is a kind of closed, no leakage of pump type, completely eliminates the mechanical seal centrifugal pump inevitably run, springs, drops and leakage phenomenon. Stainless steel magnetic pump is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics and other fields. A growing number of manufacturers of its conveying medium requirements without leakage process environment, is an urgent need to choose the ideal pump type. My CQ series magnetic force water pump magnetic pump absorbs the domestic and foreign production of new technology, new material, new craft in the leading level. Successfully solved the domestic magnetic water pump isolation cover, impeller and other components damaged technical problems, its performance will be improved. CQB, IMD, CQ, CQF series magnetic pump after a long-term production and continuous running test. More and more users believe that their choice is a kind of safe and reliable pump type, we will, as always, to provide higher quality service to the customers. CQ CQ series stainless steel of the application of magnetic pump stainless steel magnetic pump overflow part is stainless steel ( 304,316 L) 。 Widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electroplating, environmental protection, water treatment, the defense department. Transport inflammable, explosive, severely poisonous and precious liquids is an ideal equipment, is to create no leakage, no pollution civilization building ideal choice. Appropriate temperature: - 20℃~100℃。 CQ stainless steel the leak proof design of magnetic pump adopt static seal instead of dynamic seal, driven by magnetic force coupling indirectly, eliminate the problem droplets, polluting the use place. It is an ideal pump, can stop falling operation, risk, and in the process of chemical leak, eliminate the pollution of the environment, to create 'no leakage workshop' and 'no leak factory', realizing safe and civilized production. CQ stainless steel working principle of magnetic pump CQ stainless steel magnetic pump drive device is installed directly on the motor shaft, with active magnetic coupling. chamber is completely closed, rotor combination on the impeller is driven by magnetic coupling indirectly. The previous: magnetic vortex pump overview: next article summary of fluorine plastic magnetic pump
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