Special chemical lye pump with hydrofluoric acid dedicated pump failure analysis

by:J&T     2020-06-21
Special chemical lye pump with hydrofluoric acid pump using fluorine plastic material of a kind of special corrosion resistant pump, has the very good resistance to corrosion, alkali liquor in the chemical industry and hydrofluoric acid is a common chemical raw materials, for conveying lye, hydrofluoric acid liquid, such as the company has special lye pump and hydrofluoric acid is special pump, suitable concentrations than columns under various working conditions, medium temperature and other specific requirements, through long-term practice proves good reflect and certainly received the masses of users. Here are water pump in the use of pumps in the process of fault detection and handling: based on the analysis of the water pump motor fault before, learn the use of the multimeter and megohmmeter. Water pump motor common problems are in the process of using overload, motor lacunary, tripping motor, motor, the water leakage and the motor can't start all kinds of problems, such as 1, water pump electric opportunity not start ( Not rotating or low speed) General from the following reasons: water pump leakage; Matching supply voltage is too low. The pump impeller for foreign bodies stuck; Bearing damage stuck; Motor overload operation ( Overload) ; Three-phase pump three-phase power reverse; Three phase motor open phase; Electric JiSao chamber; Damage of capacitor,, capacity is too small. 2, motor overload: general motors has a rated operating power, call it the rated power, the unit is watt ( W) Or kw ( 千瓦) 。 If in some cases, the actual operation of the motor power more than supporting the rated power of the pump, the situation is called a motor overload. 3, motor open phase: in the operation of the three-phase motor must be provided by the three cable drive power supply, to achieve a three-phase equilibrium; If provided by the two power cord power will also be able to run, but longer operation time can lead to motor burn down for lack of phase. Motor open phase discrimination methods: using the multimeter, measure three voltage of the power cord, whether a no pressure drop; See if the copper wire inside the three power cord, two of the black power cord, a copper wire of the power cord without black intact; Open the motor chamber, usually two meet burned three-phase motor, the other remain the same. 4, water pump motor power supply suddenly tripping: if the supporting power protector are consistent with the water pump motor, under normal circumstances, the protector is not trip. Protector the main reason for the trip are: water pump motor overload; Water pump motor temperature rise too high; Water pump motor current is too large; The pump by matching supply voltage is too high. 5, water pump motor: in general, water is not allowed in the water pump motor ( Water pump is an exception) 。 Motor feed water are: waterproof cable flooded; The power cord connection no seal into the water; Into the line sealing structure damage to water; Mechanical seal damage water; The water pump type O sealing ring damage water; Seal bolt not tighten lead to motor inlet; parts damaged water penetration. 6 there are leakage, water pump motor: in general, is not leakage water pump motor, electric chance leakage reason: waterproof cable breakage leakage; The power cord connection without seal leakage; Water pump motor water leakage; After motor burn leakage; Low insulation resistance lead to leakage. In order to ensure the pump under the condition of electric leakage of personal property safety, must be properly installed pump grounding, at the same time, the leakage switch is installed.
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