Some applications - in the vacuum system in medical system

by:J&T     2020-05-26

in the health care system, medical gas system is very important. It is to the patient and the medical equipment supply complete sets of equipments of medicinal gases. Vacuum system is an important part of medical gas system. Today, screw vacuum water pump manufacturer will share with you some information about the application of the vacuum system in medical system of small knowledge.

medical gas in medical systems including oxygen, nitrogen system, laughing gas system, system of argon, carbon dioxide system, compressed air system, vacuum negative pressure suction system, anesthetic exhaust system, etc. In some the size of the hospital, the oxygen system, compressed air system and vacuum negative pressure suction system is necessary.

the vacuum negative pressure suction system is a vacuum system. Vacuum negative pressure suction system is often referred to as the central or negative pressure suction stop. It is composed of vacuum pump and vacuum unit and the vacuum container. It is composed of a single operating room, including vacuum pump, vacuum valve, vacuum gauge, vacuum tank and bacterium filtration device, collecting tank, piping, electrical control cabinet, etc. , usually in - pressure 0. 03 - - 0. 7 MPa, depending on actual needs. And then through the suction tube will be connected to all kinds of terminal ( Usually use plug-in from sealing quick connector to connect suction device ( Such as suction device and suction bottles) ) , such as operating rooms, emergency room, treatment rooms and each room, etc. , are used to from patients with sputum suction. Blood and pus and other pollutants and breathing equipment. Specific examples include various drainage, auxiliary closing the wound, the vacuum collection, endotracheal tube cleaning, liposuction, gastric emptying, remove excess blood, etc.

medical vacuum negative pressure suction system to start and stop the vacuum pump with automatic control. Specific opening and closing pressure is determined according to the specific requirements of the hospital. System will be through the pressure sensor to collect the chamber pressure data. When the pressure value exceeds a certain value, would trigger switch action and sound and light alarm device. In order to save energy and easy to maintain, can set up multiple devices, such as variable frequency control system to balance load and adapt to changes in flow, to cope with all kinds of accidents and fluctuation and ensure provide hospital vacuum needs effectively.

vacuum system application in the health care system is the most common vacuum negative pressure suction system ( In addition, the vacuum pump can also be used for pumping of narcotic emissions) 。 Screw vacuum pump manufacturers know everyone has a short, but the actual areas will have more applications, such as some clean the surface of the applications and some clinical research needs, and our earlier freeze-dried premise of drugs. After I had the opportunity to learn more about them.

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