Slurry pump shaft sleeve material and performance

by:J&T     2020-06-23
Slurry water pump made of corrosion resistant material is also called the slurry water pump, slurry circulating water pump, suitable for sewage conveying, desulfurizing circulation, slurry transportation, etc. Shaft sleeve is necessary parts of pump parts, so what is the role of the shaft sleeve, first understand what is a shaft sleeve, water pump material is different, the configuration of shaft sleeve material also has a variety of, in the face of the collar performance is introduced; A, what is the equivalent of sliding bearing outer ring, shaft sleeve bearings shaft sleeve of a whole, and relative axial movement, and bearing shell have a plenty of fragmentation, relative shaft is rotating. Journal: of shaft is part of the bearing; With journal bearing shell: parts; Sleeve: to make the whole cylinder sleeve. In the LEGO [Mindstorms] series with BioTrans RoSys series robot components silver collar refers to high standard axle holder, is divided into the axle housing and half shaft sleeve. Second, the copper bushing in the role of mechanical? 1. Fixed in the gear shaft movement as far as possible don't make it due to vibration, the phenomenon of the direction of migration, this time you need to use copper collar to help its fixed. Copper bushing in the important role of mechanical is a fixed position, and this is all of the performance of the copper sleeve. 2. Sliding bearing is this copper bushing in the machinery of another. In order to be able to reduce costs, save the cost, this time you need to use sliding bearing, the copper bushing is just has this function. It is mainly according to the bearing axis has always been to design the thickness of the shaft sleeve of sliding bearing, in fact the copper bushing is one kind of sliding bearing, mechanical rotation is lower, when clearance requirements are relatively high environment copper sleeve can be used in place of the rolling bearing in operation. Copper collar has abrasion resistance, it can use the time is long, so to a great extent, thus can help them save cost. Three, bushing materials of the specifications of the plastic collar: POM POM plastic sleeve, PA nylon plastic sleeve, PTFE PTFE plastic sleeve, teflon plastic sleeve, teflon plastic bushing. Plastic sleeve features: acid, alkali, corrosion, mechanical strength, good abrasion resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance and chemical resistance. The material of plastic sleeve with teflon PTFE teflon / / PTFE, POM, POM, nylon PA, polypropylene PP. Products used in automotive, sensors, medical, valve, pump, wei yu, electronic, bearings, electrical appliances, and other industries. Bimetal bushings parts material, it is a kind of material, standardization of collar products new materials. Mainly for a variety of bushings processing enterprises and general machinery plant and machinery and replacement, and other enterprises, provide nearly end bimetal bushings parts materials ( 近净形材料) 。 With this kind of bimetal bushings parts shaped material, only a tiny amount of mechanical processing, Such as: chamfer, drilling, cars or pressure tank) Can be installed directly using the axle housing products. Four, copper sleeves are mainly used in what respect? On the shaft of the copper sleeve bearing is the function of, belongs to the sliding bearing types, is work under sliding friction bearing, relative shaft is rotating, general needs help to have a lubrication system work. Sliding bearing work steady, reliable, no noise. Under the condition of fluid lubrication, sliding surface is lubricating oil without direct contact, also can greatly reduce the friction loss and wear of surface oil film also has a certain vibration absorbing ability effect is lubrication, cooling, anti-friction, prolong life, etc. Copper sleeve is mainly used in machinery, printing and dyeing, papermaking, chemical, coal, oil, automobile, engineering machinery, metallurgical and other industries.
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