Single-stage centrifugal pump and multistage centrifugal pump is the difference?

by:J&T     2020-06-25
Common centrifugal pump on the market, the basic to single-stage centrifugal water pump for single-stage centrifugal pump with ordinary water centrifugal pump, sewage pump, chemical anticorrosive centrifugal water pump, industrial production is given priority to with anticorrosive centrifugal pump, groves farmland irrigation is given priority to with common centrifugal pump, multistage centrifugal is used in any occasion, and what's the difference between a single stage centrifugal pump, the following multistage centrifugal pump and the difference between the single-stage centrifugal pump are introduced; Single-stage centrifugal pump is the body and fluid flow, or is a mixture of suspended particles and the gas or liquid substances, the entrance of the rotor blade root, rely on the rotor blade in a centrifugal force, then produce high pressure, the pressure of export, the flow of the medium conveyer. Multistage centrifugal pump is more than two of the same function of the pump set together, the structure of the fluid channel, its performance in the first level after level of medium pressure mouth and entrance channel to each other, so that layers of the entrance of the series, pressure relief and entrance are figured out, the composition of this series, was formed multistage centrifugal pump. The role of the multistage centrifugal pump is to improve the setting pressure. Single-stage centrifugal pump including the pump body, pump cover, with output shaft of the motor device, the installation of pump shaft, bearing in the pump body, impeller, mechanical seal and sealing gland structure parts, key feature is that it is containing between the output shaft of the motor and pump shaft with a device called the clamp coupling, or device is installed on the bearing seat, bearing called help guide bearing of pump shaft. Of the wafer coupling, and are all connected to the output shaft of the motor and pump shaft rigidity, when the motor output shaft and the pump, there is a very convenient disassembly between axis of mechanical seal and sealing gland space length. At the time of repair or replacement of mechanical seal, do not need to put the motor and pump cover down. Multistage centrifugal pump and the difference between a single stage centrifugal pump, the emphasis is on the number of impeller. The characteristics of multistage centrifugal pump is pressure big, small flow rate. Single-stage centrifugal pump is only primary impeller, characterized by low pressure flow. A, refers to only one single stage pump impeller pump, only 150 meters high lift. Second, the multistage pump with two or more than two impeller pump, high lift can be more than a single stage centrifugal pump lift; , multistage pump in single pump head must be combined with two levels of motor, that can be 4 motor by increasing the number of impeller, which can improve the service life of the pump and reduces the noise, but relative single pump multistage pump maintenance must be a little difficult. Three, in the actual need lift pump is not more than 125 meters, the area of the studio can be in accordance with the pump and pump, multi-stage pump generally expensive, taken together, add a variety of reasons to choose single stage or multistage pump. Four, for single stage centrifugal pump on the pump shaft of only one impeller, and multistage centrifugal pump on the pump shaft of concatenated there are a lot of impeller, multistage centrifugal pump is composed of more than secondary impeller installed on the same shaft to rotate, in front of the impeller output, input into the back of the impeller again, each layer of the impeller blade installation, is called a level 1. Installation of more than two pump is called multistage centrifugal pump, so the single-stage pump is installed an impeller. On the installation method, it is a great different and metering diaphragm pumps. Multistage pump is mainly composed of stator and rotor, bearing and shaft back cover most of the components: 1, the multistage pump bearing is mainly composed of bearing, bearing and the bearing gland and so on, or thin oil lubrication bearing with grease. 2, multistage pump shaft seals use soft packing seal, mainly composed of water and the tail seal on the cover letter of body, packing, hydrosphere, etc. Type D pump water seal water comes from the pressure inside the pump. DG type pump water seal water is from the external water supply. Part 3, multistage pump stator is mainly composed of suction, middle, spit out section and guide vane, tighten bolts are paragraphs clamping, constitute a studio. D average suction type pump, vertical spit; Is used for oilfield water injection, the import and export both vertical pump. DG model both vertical multistage pumping, entry. Part 4, multistage pump rotor is mainly composed of shaft, impeller, balance disc and shaft sleeve, etc. By the balancing disc axial force. 5, multistage pump rotating pump through flexible coupling driven directly by the prime mover. Viewed from the prime mover pump, pump for type D, DG pump is clockwise horizontal single-suction multi-stage sectional centrifugal pump. For conveying water, Quality is less than 1%, impurity particles less than 0. 1毫米) The chemical and physical properties or other liquids similar to water. The D type pump medium temperature is less than 80 ℃, suitable for mine drainage, oil field water injection, factories and cities, drainage, etc. Oil field injection water pump according to the corrosive medium, pump use different material. Medium temperature is less than 105 ℃, the DG type pump are suitable for all kinds of boiler feed water.
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