Should adopt what kind of import vacuum pumps _ in the plasma cleaning machine

by:J&T     2020-05-24

use the advantages of vacuum plasma anyone know the product clean was conducted in the vacuum chamber. So why in a vacuum cleaner? Due to import vacuum pump is one of the important components of the advantages of vacuum plasma, so its function is to vacuum cavity clean, but do you know how to control it in the vacuum plasma cleaning machine. Best effect? The technical personnel to introduce you to import vacuum pumps in the application of the plasma cleaning machine.

because under vacuum cleaner can achieve better effect. Place the product in the continuous time airtight chamber. If the product surface is small particles, such as dust, it is straight away. The continuous extraction means a vacuum in a relatively stable vacuum state, namely, plasma cleaning. Out of the machine also need under the stable state of vacuum.

plasma treatment and plasma cleaning technology for subsequent plastic, metal, aluminum or glass coating process provides the best premise. Import vacuum ion cleaning technology could be used for subsequent processing immediately after completion of the cleaning. This application will ensure the whole process of cleanliness and low cost. Because the plasma has a high energy, so it can selectively decomposition material surface chemical substances and organic matter. By super fine clean, even can completely clear the harmful substances on the sensitive surface. For the subsequent coating process to prepare the best prerequisite.

plasma is a gas molecule on special occasions, Such as vacuum and discharge) The resulting material. Plasma cleaning/etching to produce plasma equipment is placed in a sealed container two electrodes to form the electromagnetic field, and USES imported vacuum water pump reaches a certain degree of vacuum. As gas is becoming more and more thin, molecules or ions, the distance between molecules and the free mobile distance is getting longer and longer, and under the influence of magnetic field, collision and plasma formation, and generate glow at the same time. Plasma in the electromagnetic field in the inner space of mobile and bombard the surface of an object is processed, so as to realize surface treatment, cleaning and etching.

import vacuum pumps in the application of plasma cleaning machine

security thoroughly cleaned release agent, additives, plasticizer and other hydrocarbons.

in addition to the plasma cleaning technology of plastic on the surface of the fine dust particles; Addition, the particles are originally very firmly adhere to the plastic surface. Plasma will make dust particles from the substrate surface completely out. In this way, greatly reduces the car or mobile communications industry in the spraying process of scrap rate. Through chemical physics of nanoscale reaction, can obtain high quality and effect of the surface of the precise definition.

import vacuum pump is used to the advantage of plasma cleaning:

1, 100% clean.

2, without diluting ( Compared with water to clean) 。

3, there is no other consumables ( Compared with CO2 dry ice cleaning) 。

4, clean the entire surface, including the recessed area on the microstructure, and not just the top ( Compared with sand blasting processing) 。

5, integrate existing production lines, online without the need for other sites.

6, economy, environmental protection and efficient process.

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