Shielding pump need how to operate, as well as magnetic pump?

by:J&T     2020-06-20
Shielding and magnetic pump are basically the same, no leakage, fully enclosed, also belongs to a kind of centrifugal pump. For the operation of the shielding pump which need to pay attention to? A run, start, and stop the preparing work, before the start of A: 1, confirm the storage tank with A certain level. Add filter shielding pumps, make sure the filter is clean. 2, if there are any cooling pipes, cooling pipeline valve fully open, keep the water in the connected state. 3, charging and exhaust: close the discharge side of the valve and the reverse circulation line valve ( R and RA) , open the valve of the suction side, open the discharge side of the valve and the reverse circulation line valve ( R and RA) , inside the water pump and piping gas, stop for a moment, only the lateral discharge valve closed again, After the R type exhaust, reverse circulation line exhaust valve always stay fully open position. Type F, BA open the exhaust valve, pump priming, exhaust. 。 After the exhaust, close the discharge valve. ) B, 1, stop the pump start-up operation. Press the start button and start the pump. To determine whether the pump outlet pressure, normal, slowly open the outlet valve, pump into the normal operation. 2, export pressure readings = inlet pressure + ( The proportion of medium X rated head) / 102 (2) the running inspection and monitoring, check whether the current is more than 1 ratings, such as beyond the adjusted properly close the outlet valve. 2, check the pressure gauge reading is in the specified value. If discover said several significantly lower than the rated pressure, pump is likely to reverse, adjust the power phase sequence can be solved. 3, TRG instrumentation instructions is normal. Whose hands indicates the green zone, under normal circumstances, as spare parts wear, something will turn out for the red zone migration yellow area, when the yellow areas to prompt the user to replace the spare parts, to wear red zone population of spare parts is extremely serious, burn out motor at any moment. 4, such as found on startup, a) TRG table indicating red zone, pressure is lower than the rated pressure, phase sequence can solve reverse adjust motor power. b) TRG table indicates red zone, normal pressure readings, indicating the user connection may change from time to tome TRG table, TRG table error instructions. Correct connection can be solved. 5, the sound in the process of operation, with or without abnormal vibration, if more than 5 minutes there is still no complete self-priming effect, should immediately stop. Three, stop the pump operation and matters needing attention 1, press stop button, the pump stop running. Close the outlet valve. 2, it is strictly prohibited to no-load running. Irrigation pump according to request, the exhaust. 3, shielding pumps the normal work of the state, must be within the scope of the nameplate requirement, deviation is not too large, it will affect shielding pumps parts of normal life. 4, the separated type heat water pump ( Chlorosilane circulating pump) To be preheated and preheating operation before use. Open water pump exhaust valve exhaust, liquid in the pump should be paid attention to splash out. 5, cut-out operation shall not exceed 30 seconds. TRG instrument pointer in the red area, it is forbidden to run. 6, equipped with protection device, protective device, did not find out the reasons, and ruled out before, running is prohibited.
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