Shielding pump application in the production of how to choose

by:J&T     2020-06-19
Centrifugal pump is driven by coupling the pump impeller shaft and motor shaft are connected, the impeller and the motor rotation and work together. Shielding water pump is a kind of centrifugal pump, the pump impeller parts constitute the rotor of the motor, the pump body along the pump shaft is equipped with the stator of the motor. For the pump outside its shell. The other in the shielding motor, USES is treated by epoxy resin impregnated graphite sliding bearing, its performance is has good corrosion resistance, high wear resistance and heat resistance, low friction coefficient. Another in graphite bearing inner hole and end face has the lubrication and cooling tank, in order to medium on the lubrication and cooling. Between the stator and the rotor with 0. About 7 mm clearance, when the pump work part of the pumping liquid by means of this clearance, for cooling the motor. Vertical shielding pump is a kind of special infusion pumps one of the machinery, it can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, scientific research units, hospitals, schools, hotels, office buildings, such as cold, hot water circulation system, water supply system, and other physical and chemical properties similar to water medium. Shielding vertical pipe pump differs from ordinary horizontal pump, shielding device is designed in the motor, namely on the stator and rotor parts equipped with shielding cover, in order to make sure, rotor core and winding corrosion medium to be delivered. Shielding set by high strength, corrosion resistance, high resistance, non-magnetic stainless steel plate welded together. Welding and plastic are completed the use of special equipment and technology, to helium leak testing of weld, to ensure that the shielding set of absolutely no leakage. Graphite bearing and the bearing sleeve for grinding, lcr18Ni9Ti stainless steel bearing sleeve of the matrix, the surface spray welding of nickel base alloy, the composition of high wear resistance. Motor and water pump body of the overall design, coaxial impeller and the rotor in the medium run, there is no shaft seal ( Any mechanical seal is worn, the problem of leakage) , so there is no dynamic seal and thoroughly solve leaking this difficult problem. In terms of hydraulic design, impeller adopts advanced level model, precision casting, and make strict dynamic balance test, high efficiency and smooth operation. Filtering devices are installed because of the shielding pump adopts the circulating cooling system, to ensure that the motor graphite bearing has good lubricity, always at the same time on the motor cooling, thus greatly extend the service life of the motor. Shielding pump compact structure, small vibration and noise, high pump efficiency, low energy consumption, no leakage. From safety, labor health and energy meter, for pumping corrosive, inflammable, explosive or toxic liquid, choose shielding pump can get satisfactory effect.
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