Shenzhen how high temperature heat conduction oil in the pump storage -

by:J&T     2020-06-05

heat conduction oil is an important factor of heat water pump operation, but the heat conduction oil storage and management is a troublesome problem. Heat conduction oil should be stored in shenzhen.

heat driven heat conduction oil circulation water pump work, heat conduction oil absorption power plus heater and the heat generated by the heat, and transfer heat to the heating equipment. Because of the heat conduction oil used in the production line of the working temperature is higher, so the quality of the oil itself and is closely related to the safe operation of heater, therefore, the standardization of heat transfer, detection and management of the oil is vital for the safety of the operator and equipment.

a, selection of heat conduction oil standard 1, allows the high temperature must be higher than the actual temperature. Add in the heater that high oil temperature is usually 30 - at the exit 40°C。

2, should be non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive and have excellent oxidation resistance.

3, under the environment of high temperature, good thermal stability, less volatile, long service life, no health effects to operators.

1, the heat conduction oil inspection, the new buy heat conduction oil must have appropriate factory and certification as well as the skills and performance.

2, heat conduction oil test indicators include: the residual carbon amount, acid value, viscosity and flash point.

3, before entering the warehouse, the deployment of personnel should be prior to entering the warehouse on the heat conduction oil for technical performance check and check.

4, in the operation of the thermal oil heating check:

a every six months should be a normal use of the heat conduction oil sampling. If the test is normal, should continue to use. If the test fails, it should be replaced immediately heat conduction oil. If the detection effect is uncertain, the outside can appoint for testing.

b a year in normal use under the condition of heat conduction oil, shall be for sampling and inspection.

c in the process of production and operation inspection, find it very environmental protection, when might affect oil should be real-time sampling or outsourcing. Three, using heat conduction oil

1, the heat conduction oil must be removed first dehydration and gently, and then you can use under high temperature and.

2, use the process of heat conduction oil must strictly abide by the heat exchange chamber set equipment deployment operation guide book for an example.

3, expansion tank in the thermal oil temperature should not exceed 70 ° C.

4, fireworks in the heat conduction oil, is strictly prohibited and is equipped with a satisfactory fire prevention methods.

5, drainage pipe extrusion oil should be through the network real-time punished, and cannot be permanently placed at the scene of the production.

4, heat conduction oil replacement and disposal

1, the replacement of the device and the deployment of heat conduction oil, must ensure that the temperature of the heat conduction oil down to room temperature, and before will be exhausted heat conducting oil will be reduced to atmospheric pressure.

2, drained waste oil should be sealed in a special waste oil barrels, and in the special storage location.

3, should immediately dispose of residual in the field or the waste oil on the ground, and to wipe it and punishment to keep them clean.

4, heat transfer oil, waste oil, should be in accordance with the relevant law enforcement regulations designed to handle.

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