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by:J&T     2020-07-01

liquid ring pump

although belongs to the thick liquid ring pump, vacuum pump in China petroleum, chemical, electric power, textile, paper making, medicine and other fields still has great market. The working principle of liquid ring pump abroad. Liquid ring pump sales accounted for 14% of the vacuum pump market, second only to dry the pump. Because of the liquid ring pumps are mostly casting, processing requirements is low, labor-intensive products, the domestic liquid ring pump on price competitive advantage. The key is to improve design, reducing the volume, weight, improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

plunger pump

because of plunger pump is durable and reliable, all kinds of vacuum furnace, coating machine at home and abroad, such as drying, impregnation equipment adopt plunger pump as the backing pump. Plunger pump working principle is heavy, but the plunger pump casting, processing volume. Therefore, the foreign vacuum equipment factory is looking for partners in China. In order to make the domestic plunger pump to enter into the international market, it is necessary to further reduce pump vibration noise, prevent the fuel injection and oil spills, improve the rotary piston water pump long-running reliability.

straight league rotary vane pumps

as to expanding the vacuum technology in various application domains, straight league of growing demand for rotary vane pump. Because this kind of water pump number, processing and assembling workload is big, price is low, some foreign vacuum manufacturers in China established a professional factories, the domestic small and medium sized straight league rotary vane pump has passed the technical standard, the price is far lower than the foreign pump. Therefore, domestic pump still has a competitive advantage. The key is to solve the problem of shaft seal leakage, solve the rotary vane materials and vacuum pump oil performance and quality problems, ensure that straight league pump in the high temperature performance is stable and reliable operation, further improve the domestic straight league rotary vane pumps besides water vapor ability.

roots pump

roots pump from abroad, the production, several large foreign companies in the sales of roots pump is not more than 5% of global sales. These five companies only 20% of production, and the output of roots pump is not big, but foreign roots pump and the working principle of roots pump prices much higher than the price of domestic pump. Almost all the major at home and abroad, gao roots pump are fitted in the vacuum and vacuum system, in order to shorten the extraction time, increase production efficiency. Therefore, countries in Nairobi, the pump must be in the occupation of the domestic market on the basis of efforts to enter the international market. In this way, it is necessary to further reduce the roots pump, domestic vibration noise, completely solve the problem of shaft seal leakage, improve the quality of the appearance of the pump, improve the stability of the pump and cleanliness. In addition, some countries and regions should be 60 hz power frequency, and shall ensure that in the case of increasing the roots pump rotation speed long running reliability.

domestic air-cooled straight exhaust, and the rapid development of roots pump, mature technology. Because the pump is equipped with gas cooler at the bottom of the vent, part of the cooled gas through the pipeline to return to the pump chamber cooling rotor, so as to balance the compression heat pump can be directly from the atmosphere. In order to meet the requirements of different extreme vacuum, pump can be used in series. Usually, in front of the pump to increase emissions of a direct air cooling air roots pump, and achieve the ultimate vacuum pump an order of magnitude higher than before. Because there is no working medium pump cavity, so the pump is actually a dry pump. Air-cooled inline air roots pump and its unit has been in the petroleum, chemical, plastics, pesticides, steam turbine rotor dynamic balancing, aerospace space simulation devices such as the long time test, should be vigorously promoted application in our country.

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