Self-priming magnetic pump installation method and use

by:J&T     2020-06-27
Introduces corrosion resistant chemical magnetic self-priming pump performance and how to correctly install fluorine plastic magnetic pump self-priming pump body structure by the liquid storage chamber and the impeller part, sealing ring, etc. Chemical fluorine plastic self-priming magnetic self-priming pump set at a suit, without bottom valve and water, self-priming height of 4 meters, before the start of the pump cavity filled with fluid, achieve the effect of imbibition complete delivery. Both the magnetic pump seal, no leakage, corrosion resistant characteristics. Used in petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, electroplating, printing and dyeing, food, scientific research units, such as pumping acid, alkali, oil and precious liquid, venom, volatile liquid, and circulating water equipment form a complete set, especially easy to leak, inflammable, explosive liquid pumping. Corrosion-resistant fluoroplastic magnetic self-priming pump 1 to use and install, self-priming magnetic pump should be checked before use, motor blades rotating flexible, no stuck no abnormal sound, self-priming magnetic pump all fasteners are to tighten. Motor starts, slowly open the discharge valve, self-priming magnetic pump into the normal working state, and then switch to a needed discharge valve opening. When the suction liquid level is higher than the pump axis, before starting to open the suction pipe valves, if the suction liquid level below the pump axis, the pipe should be equipped with a bottom valve. Self-priming magnetic pump stop working before, should first close the discharge valve, then close the suction valve. 2, self-priming magnetic pump should be installed, should not be erected, pipe pump body can not bear too much weight, special requirements for vertical self-priming magnetic water pump installation, motor should be installed on it.
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