Selection of the use of fluoride plastic pump filter and application requirements

by:J&T     2020-06-24
Fluorine plastic water pump was made using fluorine plastic material F46 corrosion-resistant pumps, internal flow components impeller and the pump cavity adopt fluorine plastic material, is suitable for conveying strong corrosion liquid, if the liquid contains slag granular crystal, will pay attention to, fluorine plastic centrifugal pump can transport a small amount of fine particulate matter, the fluorine plastic magnetic pump is suitable for conveying fluid, so in case of conveying liquid containing particulate matter beyond the scope of use then a strainer, to ensure that the liquid flowing into the pump chamber is suitable for conveying pump, filter material, there are many kinds of types and performance requirements, the following one by one to introduce the use requirement: filter is to remove a small amount of solid particles in the liquid of small equipment, can the normal work of the protection device, when the fluid is placed into a certain size of filter cartridge, the impurity is blocked, and clean the filtrate by filter outlet, when need to wash, just remove the removable cartridge, after processing to reload. A, 1, stainless steel filter stainless steel filter filter application protection piping system of various equipment, pumps, valves, etc. ; Impurities such as rust, welding design, from the pipe plugging and damage. Stainless steel filter fouling resistance is strong, convenient draining, big flow area, small pressure loss, simple structure, small volume, light weight. Filter material are stainless steel, corrosion resistance is strong, long service life. 2, basket strainer basket filters to remove small device containing a small amount of solids in the liquid, can protect the compressor, pump and other equipment and instrument and so on work; And improve the product purity, gas purification, the small equipment. Basket filter shell, drain cover, filter, filter, bolts, etc. 3, T filter T filter protection piping system on various devices, such as pumps, valves, etc. , of rust, welding slag and other debris from the pipe for pipeline plugging and damage. T filter has the fouling resistance is strong, convenient draining, big flow area, small pressure loss, simple structure, small size and other characteristics; T filter filter material is stainless steel, corrosion resistance is strong, long service life; T filter also points straight flow and flow, the density of filter has 10 yard to 120 yard, 0 ~ 450 ℃, the temperature can be selected according to user needs. 4, Y type filter Y type filter medium in the pipeline system is indispensable to a filtering device, Y type strainer is usually installed in a reducing valve, relief valve, water valve inlet side or other equipment, used to remove the impurity in the medium, in order to protect the valves and equipment normal use. Y type filter has the advanced structure, small resistance and easy drainage, etc. 5, Y type filter rod telescopic Y type rod telescopic filter USES the design of new type, the Y type filter combined with expansion joint, simple structure, easy to use, has solved the different standard products of length difference between flange and the defects of fixed pipe installed on the inconvenience caused, tie rod telescopic filter is mainly used in high-rise building, multistory buildings or factories in water supply and drainage piping, usually installed on the pressure reducing valve, relief valve, water valve or other fixed the inlet side of the main equipment, installation of the tie rod after scaling filter to eliminate pipe fragments or install remove in order to ensure the normal use of valve or equipment. Second, import and export filter size: in principle, the import and export of the filter size should not be less than the import of matching water pump size, generally consistent with imported pipe diameter. Three, nominal pressure selection: according to the possible highest filter line pressure to determine the filter pressure rating. Four, filter material: filter material selection and the general connection of process piping material is the same, for different service conditions can consider to choose cast iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel or stainless steel filter. Five, water filter, filter resistance loss in general calculation under the rated flow rate, pressure loss is 0. 52 ~ 1. 2kpa。 3, the number of hole mesh: mesh filter hole of the choice of the main consideration to intercept impurities particle size, on the basis of medium process technological requirements. All kinds of wire mesh can intercept the particle size of the check table below & other; Mesh specifications & throughout; 。
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