Select the appropriate heat pump summary - a variety of factors

by:J&T     2020-06-29
Various factors to choose the appropriate heat pump summary

as a kind of common pump, with the continuous development of science and technology, heat pump are concerned by more and more people and welcome, its application range is also growing. We should not only focus on a factor when choosing oil pump. On the contrary, it is necessary to a combination of factors, including the throughput of the liquid, the nature of the fluid, the pressure of the equipment, operating conditions and piping layout.

1, traffic: traffic as an important data, choose the hot oil pump is directly related to the production capacity and transmission capacity of the equipment. Choosing cycloid gear pump, on the basis of large flow, normal flow shall prevail. When large flow rate is unavailable, it can be as a regular flow of 1. 1 times. General industrial pump can ignore the process of pipeline leak in the system, but must consider when process changes impact on traffic.

2, liquid properties, including the name of the liquid medium, physical properties, chemical properties and other properties, physical properties including temperature density d, c u viscosity, solid particle and gas content in medium, etc. , which involves the system pressure, the calculation of power required and appropriate water pump type: chemical properties ( Refers to the liquid medium corrosive and toxic chemicals) Materials and choice is to choose the pump shaft seal types of important basis.

3, working conditions, working liquid temperature, the pressure of the suction side, export container side pressure, height, environment temperature, the gap is running or run continuously, and the position of the gear pump is a fixed or movable.

4, device stress: normally, should be in 5% 10% margin after the choice of cycloid gear pump models. This includes: suction tank pressure, discharge pressure, the pressure drop of pipeline system ( The pressure loss) 。

5, pipe layout conditions: reference fluid delivery pipeline layout conditions height of the oil pump, liquid transport distance and transport direction, to check system pressure calculation and power. When necessary, also should provide equipment for pipeline system data characteristic curve.

high temperature oil pump is axial suction, vertical heat transmission medium circulation pump. Circular transmission medium not containing particles, fibrous liquid ( Heat transfer oil, water, ethylene glycol) And so on. inlet immersed in circulation in the liquid, export through pipe screw connection. Has not leak, elegant appearance, high lift, fast speed, low noise, stable performance characteristics. Heat pump can be widely used in rubber injection machine, rubber extrusion equipment, small precision temperature control mold temperature machine, machine tool cooling fluid circulation, etc.

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