Screw vacuum pump wear reason - 9 o 'clock

by:J&T     2020-05-18

screw vacuum water pump running in the process of actual use is relatively stable, but some users, the real screw vacuum pump running time is long, serious wear and tear, and affect the normal production of the vacuum pump and using effect. At this point, we need to know what caused the wear and tear, and as far as possible to reduce wear and tear.

1。 In shrinkage and homogenizing parts, plastic melting state not orderly, uneven can increase the wear and tear.

2。 Due to material not plasticizing or mixed with metal foreign body, screw vacuum pump of the rolling torque increases suddenly, more than the strength of the screw, and then lead to wear and tear.

3。 Some plastics are enhanced, such as glass fiber, minerals, and other packing. The material of metal materials friction is greater than the friction of the melt.

4。 When granular to remove the plastic from the hopper into the bucket, they arrive first hopper. Dry friction inevitably occur in the feeding position. Persistence of these plastic melt uneven, easy to form the inner wall of the screw rod pump, increase the screw's external wear and tear.

5。 If in the process of injection molding and high-speed transformation to increase the shear force, reinforced material also can produce the corresponding tear fiber. Tear the fiber contains tips, greatly improving the wear resistance.

6。 When the inorganic minerals in the metal surface quickly fold, their scraping effect is very big. So the speed should not be too high.

7。 Calcium carbonate and filling material such as glass fiber will accelerate the screw and barrel of the wear and tear. People do that sort of thing

8. Rolling screw vacuum pump in the cylinder, the conflict between material and shell gradually leads to appearance of screw and cylinder wear. The diameter of the screw gradually decreases, and the inner diameter of the cylinder increases gradually. In this way, as the screw and cylinder wear and tear, the diameter of the gap between screw and barrel.

9。 Due to tube devices for the head and guide plate is changeless, the resistance of the leakage of extrusion materials flow increase, the material flow from the diameter of the gap increased in the direction of feed.

due to the screw vacuum pump in the field of the actual use may be used with some polyethylene material, if polyethylene material in the process of production have differentiation effect, the hydrogen chloride produced by the screw experience exacerbated the screw and barrel of the corrosion, so must pay attention to protect the vacuum water pump.

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