Screw vacuum pump used in chemical fluid conveying the advantages of _

by:J&T     2020-05-19

the fluid flow process is one of the five main unit operations in chemical industry. Fluid flow process including transfer, filtering, solid fluidization and transportation activities. Centrifugal pump is traditionally a popular standard in the field of fluid flow process, but in some cases, the low efficiency of centrifugal water pump and high cost. In this case, the screw vacuum pump will be a viable alternative. Screw vacuum pump can be used to deal with all kinds of fluid, including high viscosity fluid.

in the operation of chemical fluid using screw vacuum pump technology has many advantages, including processing all kinds of velocity, pressure and viscosity of liquid type and ability, and even in the presence of back pressure with a consistent flow.

in this regard, centrifugal pump exist deficiencies:

1. Too much of the pump is often used to reduce the complexity of the pump selection, which may lead to operation and maintenance costs, operating offset and higher than the actual demand of energy consumption.

2。 During the running of the centrifugal pump, the flow will be decreased with increasing pressure. Therefore, for needs to be stable and high flow velocity and time cost, may take longer and cost will be higher. When the pumping fluid viscosity is higher than 100 cSt, the performance of the centrifugal pump may be negative.

3。 Finally, the low efficiency will increase energy consumption may even sacrifice the production efficiency, thus fundamentally have a negative impact to the operation of the chemical process.

screw vacuum pump technology in the advantages of chemical fluid transmission application

1. Able to handle a variety of flow, pressure, the liquid type and viscosity

2. Even if there are different due to viscosity change of back pressure, flow rate and the stability of the

3. Mass and the overall operating efficiency, reduce operating costs

4. To the pump speed ratio control through higher production or capacity

5. Internal low speed

6. Self-priming operation and good suction characteristic

7. Mechanical vibration is small, long service life

8. Smooth and quiet running the inherent characteristics of

9. Very low ripple, reduce stress and extend relevant fluid conveying parts ( Pipes, hoses, seals, bearings, etc. ) Life

in chemical process, not a unit operation is more important than another, but if manufacturers want to optimize its fluid conveying application performance, best to consider the advantages of screw pump.

in addition to the cost, the main operating advantages include screw vacuum pump can be at a higher speed and pressure processing has a wider window of fluid viscosity, lower energy consumption without considering BEF.

these advantages make screw vacuum pump key chemical process more efficient, reliable, economic and more flexible fluid conveying process.

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