Screw vacuum pump to use step - correctly

by:J&T     2020-05-19

( 1) Before all normal transmission, screw vacuum pump with a test, to see if the screw vacuum pump is abnormal vibration and impact noise. Screw vacuum pump for the first time in the limit of the application should also measure the screw vacuum water pump pressure, the pressure should accord with technical standards. According to the long-term operational standards of screw pump, screw vacuum pump temperature shall not exceed 70 degrees. Dry pumping speed measurement. Drying is very complicated, usually do not check.

( 2) Must be with screw vacuum pump of cooling water circulation of mechanical equipment. Before you begin, please circulating cooling water, and then restart. Entry and exit temperature of the cooling circulating water should not be more than 30 degrees.

( 3) Continuous screw vacuum pump and pump system software should be as short as possible and coarse, and nominal diameter of the pipeline should be very often. Screw vacuum pump inlet diameter, in order to prevent the damage caused by dry pipe friction speed of vacuum.

( 4) In order to maintain daily clean workshop and help of the workers' health, please use the hose will exhaust gas emitted immediately.

( 5) When the screw vacuum pump does not work or work for a long time at low temperature, will lead to a difficult start. At this point, you should use the screw vacuum pump vacuum to ventilation. Rotating belt pulley belt pulley ( Not connected to the switch power supply) 。 ) Before restarting, screw vacuum pump opened a couple of weeks. If the immediate connection screw vacuum pump, can again and again to motor operation, as will be stored in the screw vacuum pump cavity oil into the car and started in the fuel tank. If bad, you can immediately with radiation sources or infrared lamp heating screw vacuum pump, until the pump move.

( 6) Before use, please check if the vacuum pump oil of mechanical equipment on the oil mark part of the window. In addition, please be sure to test the direction of rotation of the electric pulley. Observers in the face of the pulley. Belt pulley should be clockwise. If in the opposite direction, you can swap two connectors in the switching power supply. Otherwise, rotary vane vacuum water pump will not fit, but will be in the vacuum pump oil and air pump into the software of the pumping system, thus causing serious pollution.

( 7) After completion of work, first close the high vacuum valve, then close the low vacuum valve. And then stop the rotary vane vacuum pump, and then emptying air ( For example, using the electromagnetic induction with a bleed valve vacuum pump the air completely empty) In order to avoid oil back into the ultrafiltration device, eventually disconnect main switch power and cut off the water.

( 8) Pay attention to avoid hard chemicals ( Scrap metal, laminated glass fragments, etc. ) Fall into the screw vacuum pump and scratch screw vacuum pump fitness components. Screw vacuum when the pump stop for a long time, should be stored in a dry, clean natural environment, and should be jam the vacuum and air outlet to prevent waste fall into it.

( 9) Tear open outfit line machinery screw vacuum pump must be careful, bulging so as not to scratch or damage to the screw, and clean and dry to dry or air dry components ( Temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant, long assembly line when the screw vacuum pump wall with a small amount of vegetable oil, please try to remove a corner space, the remaining oil lines shall prevail, too much oil pump.

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