Screw vacuum pump tank vacuum molding applications - in the refrigerator

by:J&T     2020-05-19

refrigerator inner molding process how? What is the principle? Screw vacuum pump used in what place. Today with small make up material from the tank, blister process, vacuum molding machine together to get to know it.

the tank material: thermoplastic materials that can at a specific temperature range can be softened repeated heating and cooling sclerosis ( Molding) 。

common plate plastic:

PS material polystyrene slabs

polystyrene (HIPS impact resistance 140 - 150℃)

ABS: acrylonitrile ( A) , butadiene ( B) (styrene, S) Three kinds of monomer terpolymer ( 160 - 170℃)

refrigerator inner plate thickness of commonly used 0. 5 - 0. 8 cm

blister process is also called the vacuum thermoforming process

hot molding process is the use of thermoplastic sheet as raw materials to produce products of a kind of method;

technology application is produced by the vacuum pump vacuum suction will soften after thermoplastic plastic sheet, after mold shaped into various shapes of vacuum absorption 'mask', or attached in all kinds of mould surface.

adsorption pressure, vacuum at the bottom of the mold ( - - - - - - 0. 07 ~ - 0. 09Mpa) , make the sheet produce pressure difference on both sides, attached with a molding; Processes

add compressed air ( Positive suction blister) : to improve the effect of molding, or bladder key part of the complex shape forming result is bad, in a vacuum molding bladder increase pressure above the empty box, compressed air pressure 0 or less. 35Mpa。 Press down on the absorption, improve the forming speed, improve molding effect. Suction molding machine

the structure of the suction molding machine:

blessing system ( Feeding, blanking)

heating device

vacuum system

compressed air system

mould system

trimming device control system

refrigerator inner molding vacuum application china-arab terra, main brand screw vacuum water pump in the vacuum molding machine, is a very important part of the molding machine. If you have time can visit at the scene.

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