Screw vacuum pump suction phenomenon do with _

by:J&T     2020-05-19

screw vacuum water pump can remove a large amount of water vapor and a small amount of dust, but the screw vacuum pump may be out after using for a long time. The suction phenomenon very affect the normal operation of the equipment. This will make the screw vacuum pump in the normal work mode cannot execute the corresponding work.

1。 For higher screw vacuum pump, can't direct emissions from the atmosphere. If direct exhaust environment will form the screw vacuum pump, the suction and discharge will have too much pressure, so that the vacuum pump overload. Therefore, must ensure that can reach higher vacuum. Make sure there is open space between the rotor.

2。 Using the pump when the pump must be used before, and then when the pressure in the system is breathing in a certain range, pump injection screw vacuum pump before use, so as to avoid the screw vacuum pump overload phenomenon.

in addition, when the rotor continuous flip, inhalation of gases from the air inlet are drawn into the space between the rotor and the pump shell, and then discharge through the vent port. Fully closed, the space after the inhalation in internal gas in the pump chamber is not tight and expansion, but when the top of the rotor over the edge of the vent and the space and the exhaust side connected, due to the high pressure of the gas exhaust side, part of the gas back to space, so the gas pressure is high. Suddenly increased. As the rotor continues to move, leaving a gas pump.

screw vacuum pump suction phenomenon are also associated with the usual maintenance. Regular maintenance and maintenance problems in time can not only reduce equipment failures, and equipment use is also very good.

screw vacuum pump daily maintenance work including:

1. Methodically pipeline cleaning, to ensure that the pipe unimpeded.

2。 After reassembling, should be tested. In general, it must be running for 2 hours, the oil change twice. Due to the screw vacuum pump in the cleaning process have a certain amount of volatile substances, running after normal operation.

3。 Check whether the screw vacuum pump pipe and connector is loose. Turn the vacuum pump with the hand, see if vacuum pump flexible.

4。 Regularly check the wear condition of bushing, and after wear larger change in time.

5。 Start the motor. When the normal operation of screw vacuum pump, open the vacuum water pump outlet pressure gauge and imports. After the show the proper pressure, gradually open the gate valve and check the motor load.

6。 When to stop the screw vacuum pump, the first close the gate valve and pressure gauge, then stop the motor.

7。 Check the oil level position. If do not conform to the requirements, must be adjusted to meet the requirements. When the operation of the vacuum pump, oil level to the center of the oil standard.

8。 Check vacuum pump oil, find new oil should be replaced in a timely manner to ensure that the screw vacuum pump work properly.

the above is the screw vacuum pump maintenance, hope to help you, if you don't know how to run it, please contact the manufacturer looking for professional after-sales maintenance personnel processing.

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