Screw vacuum pump selection skills -

by:J&T     2020-05-19

screw vacuum pump selection is very important. It can quickly buy products not only, also can improve the production efficiency, save time and manpower. Therefore, when choosing screw vacuum pump should pay more attention to.

screw vacuum pump selection skills

1. If there is a oil requires mastery of vacuum system. If there is no strict requirement of oil, it is suggested that to select all types of oil pump. If not strict, you can select a pump, and add some concrete measures, to prevent oil pollution, in order to satisfy the requirement of vacuum cleaner.

2。 The limit of the screw vacuum pump pressure should meet work pressure. The limits of the selected pump pressure can be below the process requirement.

3。 Screw vacuum pump has certain work pressure range. When the choice, please grasp the vacuum pump working pressure range, not within the scope of the pressure to work long hours.

4, cleared by pumping gas composition. Does it include condensing steam, understand screw vacuum pump without particles of dust and corrosion. All in all, to master the screw vacuum pump gas composition, will choose the pump type and specification. If gas contains corrosive gas and steam, particles, and Suggestions on the pump suction piping installation condenser, dust and other auxiliary equipment.

5。 To consider when choosing a screw pump type vacuum water pump discharge of oil and gas ( Soot) Will pollute the environment. If there is pollution, choose oil-free vacuum pump or the oil and gas emissions to the outside as soon as possible.

the correct screw vacuum pump selection skills will also take the initiative to choose, it is more advantageous to choose more cost-effective products.

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