Screw vacuum pump selection method and matters needing attention

by:J&T     2020-05-19

screw vacuum pump because of its variable transportation, strong self-priming capacity, reversible and can transport liquid containing solid particles, etc, in the sewage treatment plant, widely used in conveying water, wet sludge and flocculant solution.

today for everyone to introduce screw vacuum pump selection method and cautions of disassembly and assembly.

01。 Screw vacuum pump selection method of

screw vacuum pump selection should follow the principle of economic, reasonable and reliable. Thoughtless if the selection in the design, will be trouble for later use, management, maintenance, so choose a according to the actual production needs, reasonable and reliable screw vacuum water pump can not only ensure the production smoothly, and can reduce the maintenance cost.

1。 Screw vacuum pump speed to choose

a linear relationship with screw vacuum pump flow rate and rotational speed, low relative to the rotating speed of the screw vacuum pump, while the high speed screw vacuum pump, can increase the flow and head but power obviously increase, high speed accelerate the abrasion between the rotor and stator, premature failure, must make the screw vacuum pump and high rotational speed of screw pump stator length is short, easy to wear and tear, thus shortening the service life of the screw vacuum pump.

by reducer or to reduce the speed stepless speed regulation mechanism, keep the speed under three hundred revolutions per minute, in a more reasonable range, compared with the ordinary high speed screw vacuum pump, can prolong service life of a few times.

2。 The quality of the screw vacuum pump

in the market now is more, the kinds of screw vacuum pump, in contrast, imports of screw vacuum pump design is reasonable, the material is excellent, but the price is higher, the service aspect some do not reach the designated position, accessories price is high, the order cycle is long, may affect the normal running of production. Domestic production of generic mostly imported products, product quality is good and bad are intermingled, when choosing the products of the domestic, considering its cost-effective, choose low rotational speed, long lead, transmission parts material, rated life long fine product.

3。 Ensure no debris into the pump body

in the wet sludge mixed with solid impurities will damage to the rubber stator of screw vacuum pump, so make sure debris into the cavity of the pump is not very important, a lot of sewage plant in front of the pump with a grinder, also some installation or mesh grille device, stop the debris into the screw vacuum pump, for grid should be timely get so as not to cause congestion.

4。 Avoid cutting

screw vacuum pump must not be allowed in the case of the cutting operation, once happened, rubber stator due to dry friction, instant high temperature and burn out, so, grinder intact, for normal operation of the grid and screw vacuum pump is one of the necessary conditions. For this reason, some screw vacuum pump is installed in the pump body end stop device, when cutting, due to the nature of the screw vacuum pump self-priming function, can produce vacuum cavity in the body, stop cutting down device can make the screw vacuum pump operation.

5。 Keep constant outlet pressure

screw vacuum pump is a kind of positive displacement rotary pump, when after the outlet is blocked, the pressure will gradually rise, so that the motor load after more than a predetermined pressure value has increased dramatically, transmission machinery and related parts of load will exceed the design value, serious fracture happens when the motor is burnt, transmission parts. In order to avoid the damage of screw vacuum pump, usually installed in the screw vacuum pump outlet by-pass overflow valve, to stable outlet pressure, maintain the normal operation of the pump.

02。 Screw vacuum pump disassembly steps

the structure of the screw vacuum pump

1. Screw vacuum pump and motor from, emptying medium ( To prevent motor, toxic medium hurt) ;

2。 Remove the screw vacuum pump discharge body;

3。 Remove the screw water pump stator and, if necessary, press the pump shaft steering wheel shaft auxiliary;

4。 Remove the rotor and intermediate shaft;

5。 Remove the shaft and the shaft seal;

6。 Remove the screw vacuum pump bearing, positioning, should remove the bearing;

7。 Long-term unused screw vacuum pump, to make antirust processing, methods for metal surface with antirust grease onto the paint, including axial surface, packing shell lumen, etc. , and lubrication.

03。 Screw vacuum pump assembly note

1. Should be screw vacuum pump when assembling parts cleaning, check carefully, the damaged parts should be replaced;

2。 Correct installation of the bearing axis flexible rotation, no jam phenomenon;

3。 Shaft seal installation: stuffing box installation, should make the packing gland hold-down bolts location within the shell window installation, is advantageous for the wrench to adjust bolt;

4。 Mechanical seal installation should be careful, friction pair end surface should be clean and coated with grease;

5。 Drive shaft universal joint assembly, should check the seal for damage, within the cavity filling grease;

6。 Installing a stator, with lubricating oil daub the rotor, stator inner cavity surface, conducive to the stator installation;

7。 Eduction body pressure tighten, tighten nut should be uniform;

8。 Installing a assembling, coupling installation deviation: delta Y 0 or less. 2毫米,△α≤0。 5°。

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