Screw vacuum pump seal insufficient reason what _

by:J&T     2020-05-19

in the process of using screw vacuum pump, due to the environment, manual operation, the screw vacuum pump will cause certain damage. Screw vacuum pump manufacturer small make up to tell you what was the reason for the lack of seal in use:

1, microorganism mud pollution less, full of yellow gap, yellowing harm compensation effect of sealing performance, increase the damage of static and dynamic friction ring, affect the sealing performance. Remove the screw vacuum water pump may ask the operator to each quarter.

2, adding organic chemicals cause the screw vacuum water pump seal slowly eroded, leading to seal is invalid, so before applied to operation, should first ask the screw vacuum pump businesses applicable medium

3. Working liquid often contain toxic bacteria, microbial clay, calcium ion and associated organic chemical erosion seal the machine itself the function of metal parts, it may damage the screw vacuum pump seal sealing performance.

4。 Upstream and downstream catalyst carrier according to fill the scrubbing process in the process of removing most of the ash, but with the increase of operation time and material rotating corrosion, inevitably produce new smoke. Screw vacuum pump in the dust into the mechanical seal sealing position, easily damaged and needs regular maintenance and cleaning.

5。 Screw vacuum pump, Contains calcium ions) Carbon dioxide from the working fluid and also raw materials reflect the transformation of calcium bicarbonate damage sealing machine. This is inevitable, but can be regular maintenance to avoid.

we now know the reason of the lack of seal, to avoid the dangers of these aspects of our screw vacuum pump. If you can't deal with these problems you can choose to find the screw vacuum pump factory maintenance. Please call if you need screw vacuum pump: 400 862 - 5533 or 13928410990.

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