Screw vacuum pump quality affected by what way _

by:J&T     2020-05-18

at present, due to environmental protection, is full of dry screw vacuum water pump sprout, generally divided into several large production area. How to choose the brands is a focal point. Everyone says their products is a little small, customers don't know which one is more suitable. In fact, the quality and the service life of the screw vacuum pump depends on the following factors:

1. Raw materials, due to the screw vacuum pump clearance is small, in the process of operation, heating screw pump and the thermal expansion. When it swelled to a certain degree, it is easy to be blocked, the raw material need is very stable and has good mechanical properties.

2。 Machining precision and machining accuracy is very important to the use of the pump.

3。 Coating technology. At present, the coating technology is mainly used in China, Japan and South Korea. Coating technology is the key. Spiral line and spiral line has a great influence on the exhaust gas temperature and exhaust air current.

5, after-sales service, after-sales service has a great influence on the service life of the pump. When the pump failure occurs, must stop. If it had not repaired the pump ill operation will lead to pump scrap.

stem rod to the quality of the vacuum pump and the price has a strong market competitiveness. Can be widely used imported products. Market demand is very big. It will involve the chemical industry, metallurgy, electronics, petroleum, aerospace, tools, paper, packaging, food, medicine, medical equipment, information engineering, biological engineering, microelectronics and other fields. The field completely replace the current low vacuum equipment technology.

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