Screw vacuum pump pipe can improve efficiency

by:J&T     2020-05-18

from the inlet into the screw vacuum pump materials need by external factors, such as pipe friction, resulting in pipeline of high and low efficiency. At this time, can adjust the pipeline through the characteristics of the pump, this not only avoids the additional losses, and achieved the effect of saving energy.

1, shorten the length of screw vacuum pump pipe

the length of the inlet and outlet pipe should be shortened as far as possible. However, when the flat terrain, between the water source and sink pipe will inevitably increase the decreasing of the diversion channel, into the pool and the number of pump house. Install a small pumping stations in the flat ground, or in half an installing pumps, and will be arranged in a straight line, pipe can shorten the length of the pump station in pipeline, saves the elbow, to reduce head loss. Improve the pipeline wall roughness can reduce resistance losses of pipeline.

2, reasonable determination of the diameter of the screw vacuum pump

pipe diameter size affect the efficiency of screw pump. Practice proves that the diameter is too large and it is not economic pipe diameter is too small. When determining the pipe length and the fluid, the selection of pipe diameter is larger, the flow is small, small head loss, but to invest in pipelines is higher. In order to reducing the loss of pipeline, should reasonable pipe diameter. If the diameter is too small, pipe head loss will increase. In order to improve the efficiency of the pipeline, can according to economic pipe diameter to consider change the pipeline.

3, reducing pipe fittings

pipe parts of the annotation considerable resistance index, led to a larger hydraulic gradient. Therefore, we should try to reduce unnecessary internal pipe fittings. Hermetically sealed pipe requirements, otherwise it will affect the degree of vacuum. When screw vacuum pump pipe change, should consider the connection of construction quality.

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