_ screw vacuum pump maintenance quality requirements

by:J&T     2020-05-18

screw vacuum water pump application after a period of time, will appear all sorts of small problems. It is necessary to repair component is difficult to solve. What are the maintenance regulations? Let's look at!

1。 Extrusion screw

( 1) On the basis of extruder screw tips, testing the motor shaft and the damage of the extruder screw surface. Not a scar on the rules, helical surface smoothness is higher than del 6, addendum surface smoothness is higher than del 7, motor shaft ovality and no column does not exceed 1/3000 of the diameter.

( 2) Screw of the extruder screw vacuum pump between the clearance between housing and the diameter of the tip part of 0. 14 - 0. 33mm。

( 3) When extruder screw gear meshing, tooth top and tooth root gap between 0. 14 - 0. 33 mm, the clearance between the normal cutting face of 0. 12 - 0. 25mm。

2。 The pump casing

( 1) The surface of the screw vacuum pump vacuum degree higher than del 6.

( 2) shell bearing fitting surface and surface and chemical API should be no obvious scar, and flatness of no less than 5, the installation is not strong.


(rolling bearings 1) Choose between D/gc for roller bearing and shaft to cooperate, and choose the D/D E for rolling bearing shell.

( 2) Mechanical pump screw roller bearing of disassembly and assembly maintenance tools should be used. When using hot charging and rolling bearing can be heated to a temperature of 150 - 130°C( Do not allow the flame heating roller bearing) immediately 。

( 3) Roller bearing surface of the roller bearing and internal and external dovetail track should not be etched, the defects of potholes and black spots.

4。 Radial sealing

( 1) Packing seal

1. Use the screw vacuum pump packing should comply with the design concept.

2。 The installation, make sure to guide liquid filling ring sealing hole ( Allow it to release slightly, does not allow the inside) 。

( 2) Sealing machine

1. Nut and washer machine cover the axis of the floor plan of non-uniform degree is not greater than zero. 03mm。

2。 Installing a screw vacuum water pump seal, must conform to the design concept.

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