Screw vacuum pump in the CNC industry application considerations at seven o 'clock? _

by:J&T     2020-06-30

screw vacuum pump is often applied to the CNC industry Chen Gong summarizes seven screw vacuum water pump in the matters needing attention in application of CNC, let's learn together.

1, screw vacuum pump must be done well before starting the inlet and exhaust pipe, tank drainage devices such as light pipe water thoroughly, add the liquid level indicator tube vacuum tank so that the artificial observation.

2, close to the screw vacuum pump pipeline with manual drainage ( With transparent tube display whether there is water)

3, change of screw pump water ring pump, vacuum tank, screw water pump are not allowed and water ring pump and pipeline! ! Otherwise when stop water ring pump, water is pumped into network, in the screw vacuum pump, can cause the screw vacuum pump scrap! ! ! ! !

4 automatic valve, screw vacuum water pump in the long run is often unreliable, failure is not know, must be equipped with liquid level display tube artificial monitoring.

5, CNC processing in addition to liquid water can lead to oil emulsification, there is the question of water vapor also beware, processing method is very simple that boot screw vacuum pump vacuum degree is not less than 100 mbar.

6, generally set atlas screw vacuum pump unloading pressure if mbar CNC gas long time in the 30 mbar, oil emulsification is going to happen.

7, GHS VSD + series screw vacuum pump there is a drain on the exhaust pipe, connected to the hose is used for drainage of exhaust pipe flow backward of condensed water.

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