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by:J&T     2020-05-19

is well known, for a variety of vacuum pump performance, have prescribed test methods to test the performance of the performance, the main performance is the ultimate pressure, flow and pumping speed. This time, small make up is going to discuss the screw vacuum pump flow, such as how to control the traffic, the causes of deficiency of traffic and how to eliminate this problem. Believe that many users are confused about these problems, don't worry, please follow the screw vacuum pump manufacturers to understand.

first of all, let us make a brief introduction of the concept of the vacuum pump performance.

1。 Extreme pressure. Vacuum pump are connected to the detection of containers, placed under test gas, after the continuous extraction for a long time. When the pressure of the container is not decreased and the pressure to a certain value, the secondary stress is the ultimate pressure of the pump.

2。 The traffic. In the vacuum pump suction, gas flow rate per unit time is called the flow of the pump. In vacuum, the flow unit expressed in pressure * volume/time, namely, Pa. M3 / s or Pa. m3 / h。 Usually, the water pump will flow and inlet pressure diagram is given.

3。 Pumping speed. In the vacuum pump suction, the amount of gas flow per unit time is called the extraction rate of the pump. QA (that is, through the traffic Pa. 立方米/秒) Divided by testing to cover the gas A partial pressure of the pA and get gas in A pumping speed of sA ( 立方米/秒) 。 Typical of the vacuum pump suction rate related to the type of gas. Given the extraction rate of said some kind of gas extraction rate. If there is no special instructions, use the more refers to the pump.

right traffic control screw vacuum pump can not only provide good protection for the device, it can improve utilization. So, what to do?

1, the speed control

the impeller speed change will change the screw vacuum pump flow curve, and the properties of the curve will not change. With reduced speed, the curve flattens, head and flow rate is reduced.

2, by-pass valve adjustment

use with pumps in parallel in the middle of the valve. Actual effect, like using the new pump system, the system will not only change the larger screw vacuum pump output pressure head, and will change the flow curve characteristics, and more close to the linear flow curve.

3。 Adjust the screw vacuum pump impeller diameter

don't use the external components, and flow characteristic changes according to the diameter.

4, the outlet valve opening adjustment

use intermediate pump and export valve series, its actual effect is similar to the new pump system, but it will not change the larger output pressure head screw vacuum pump, and flow curve will decay.

screw vacuum pump in use for a long time, inevitably there will be some problems in the vacuum pump flow shortage is one of the questions, so what is the reason? Vacuum water pump maintenance manufacturers have any Suggestions.

the causes of deficiency of screw vacuum pump flow is mainly manifested in two aspects:

first, pipeline leakage and leakage, resistance loss increases.

elimination method:

1. Check vacuum pump connecting mechanical seal.

2。 Check the pipe and check whether there is a fault.

second, motor power is insufficient, lack of speed, water shortage, clearance between impeller and distributing plate is too large, mechanical seal damage, water leakage, the impeller wear too much, circulating water can't drain.

2 elimination method:

1. Check whether the water ring vacuum pump water supply voltage is within the scope of the rated voltage of the motor.

2, increase water supply ( Must be controlled within the scope of the right, otherwise it will cause the motor overload and heating) 。

3。 Adjust the clearance between impeller and distributing plate ( Usually to 0. 15 - 0. 20mm) 。

4。 Replace the mechanical seal.

5。 Change of the impeller.

6。 Sign the outlet line.

we are going to talk about the screw vacuum pump flow, in order to make the vacuum pump in a better state response to a variety of tasks, which will not affect the efficiency of the vacuum pump.

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