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by:J&T     2020-05-19

screw vacuum pump application is the key to pumping air into vacuum state, forming a vacuum. From application to application stage, no any problem, this shows that the customer has pay attention to the application of many key points, and well-maintained. Said screw vacuum pump is the function of exhaust pipe, the exhaust pipe is used in many manufacturing industries, if the whole process of the exhaust pipe hear bombs, it must be a reason for that. Encounter this problem, you have to deal with it quickly, and prevent in advance. To prevent the screw vacuum pump exhaust pipe detonating method is what?

a, filtering,

in the whole process of screw vacuum pump suction, a small amount of some raw material and liquid waste will be drawn into the water pump, and some oil will contaminate the pump shell. The chemical long time at high temperature carbonization, carbon deposition. When faced with flammable vapors compounds, it is easy to cause explosion. According to the release of the exhaust pipe, it will produce crackle. Can be in in bronchial filter system adapted to the side of the pump. Consider whether there is cigarette ash in the filtration system or waste liquid, and can timely clean filtration equipment to ensure excellent equipment performance. The pump casing shall be immediately repair and dismantled.

2, cooling,

due to the screw vacuum pump piston rod continues to move over and over again in the cylinder, so the water pump shell temperature is too high, this shows that the raw material of carbide standard, which can lead to accidents. For staff in the open before you open the water pump refrigeration system, to ensure that the gate road channel without obstacles.

3, washed by hand and buffer

add washed by hand and buffer tank before screw vacuum pump can be reasonably clear inhalation of liquid waste, and also has certain cooling effect for mixed gas. In this process, the staff must have a strong sense of responsibility, discharge waste liquor, immediately to prevent safety accidents.

4, exhaust pipe blockage or not smooth

the exhaust pipe blockage or not clear can lead to contain ethanol vapor coating discharge waste gas was not immediately. If the accumulation to a certain level, it will leak, strongly detonating even explode. This is due to the defect of design scheme, which leads to the steam discharge pipe of the relatively low emissions. If you have any water or oil pipeline, the exhaust door can not open or open enough. The exhaust pipe is blocked, etc. Therefore, when designing screw vacuum pump parts, the main exhaust pipe of the position and related design is more critical.

5, exhaust gas treatment

prevent screw vacuum pump noise and improve the waste gas processing is a critical security measures. Screw vacuum pump exhaust gas is mixed with a large amount of ethanol vapor gas. According to the physical and chemical properties of methyl drunk and real activity in the work in the buffer tank before the first set of one or more cold suspected equipment, in - Application line on above 10 ℃ ice salt water, cold paint waste. In the vent main pipe is installed a set of cold suspected equipment, exhaust for cold, to reduce the exhaust steam of the alcohol concentration below the lower explosive limit. However, in the process of the whole cold suspected, should properly control the total flow of the condensate. If the traffic is too small, the actual effect of suspected to cold is bad. If the traffic is too large, it's easy to cause a cold. Doubt is too strong and blocking the pipeline, endanger the practical effect of vacuum pump.

let's have a look at the remnants of steam. When the temperature is high, such as refrigeration and exhaust pipe transport actual operation can be reasonably to prevent the screw vacuum pump exhaust air passages. The exhaust pipe of the detonating will not only make the trachea is unsatisfactory, but also can lead to too much pressure of work. Therefore, please use immediately to prevent the screw vacuum pump. Contact factory for maintenance.

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